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Google Street View Schedule

At least give us a chance to prepair for God's sake
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There's no stopping Google from taking pictures of your house I guess, but a warning of when they were doing it might take something that's uncomfortable at best and make it into something a little more tolerable. Even fun.

Aside from people mowing their lawns or getting a new set of concrete blocks to set that tire-less car on top of, people might put up signs, banners or just decorative devices of a nature that would express the individuality of the people that live there. They might also stand in front of their house with whatever manner of dress (or undress)they want the entire world to see or just do what I always do, flip off the camera car as it drives by.

I suspect the reason they don't do this is out of regard for the safety of it's drivers though. There are those who aren't so tickled about people posting randomly taken pictures of their homes on the web. I don't have a problem with it myself as long as I get to flip the camera car off.

I supposed they could pay for a police escort but that might be admitting that this aspect of their company's policy isn't super popular.

doctorremulac3, Oct 13 2011

These guys will prepare you for aerial view http://mashable.com...-codes-google-maps/
[swimswim, Oct 13 2011]

Reddit AMA Q: How can I find out when the Google Street View car is coming down my road xD http://www.reddit.c...ps_team_ama/c2rhqke
A: We don't have specifics on Street View driving schedules, but we do have a site that shows you which cities are being currently photographed. [jutta, Oct 15 2011]


       I think they run the routes randomly because if everyone knew the where and when, Streetview would be just like the rest of the Internet--filled with breasts and penises. There's already been at least one case of the camera vehicle being flashed. There was a lot of flak about it because some people claimed the female perpetrator was underage.   

       <a minute or two later> I just went to find a link, and it turns out there have been so many Streetview Flashers since then that the incident I'm recalling has been totally buried.
Alterother, Oct 13 2011

       [+] at what point is my domicile a tourist attraction? virtual or otherwise.   

       I'm not sayin' I'd do something like put a giant moon on the front lawn, but at least a chance to spray paint the petroleum lake to match the colour of the rest of the driveway, and move all the beer empties to the garage. And the nevertobesufficientlydamned garbage/recycle/greenbin's which don't fit anywhere in anybody's house except on the porch or in the driveway (thankyou sooooo much city council, we were just fine with the previous bins)
FlyingToaster, Oct 13 2011

       // Ever notice that there are no people in Google Street View?
I'd be surprised if that were true. It's easy for me to find people in Google Street View by looking at a busy area, such as a downtown, and it seems like bloggers and journalists have been pointing out people caught in various embarrassing or interesting situations for years now.
jutta, Oct 13 2011

       I've always thought Google's corporate slogan was a little bit creepy. "Don't Be Evil".   

       Why would you need to say that? It's like a baby sitter who tells you her slogan is "Never eat the baby." It's like, "Yea, but why would you even bring that up?" Or a dentist office with a sign that says: "We never have sex with you while you're under anesthesia".   

       Just seems kind of creepy.
doctorremulac3, Oct 13 2011

       //"We never have sex with you while you're under anesthesia"//   

       Well THAT is taking all the fun out of dentistry...   

       <Slams "oral surgery for dummies" closed and storms off>
MikeD, Oct 14 2011

       Things you don't want to hear when you wake up at the dentist: "Well, your tooth is fine but let me give you something for those hemorrhoids."
doctorremulac3, Oct 14 2011

       I think they adopted that because some other well-known software corporations were well-documented as 'being evil.'
RayfordSteele, Oct 14 2011


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