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gps + local recs

Combine user recommendations with driving directions device
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So you are visiting a new town, for business or otherwise. You brought along your handy GPS device and are ready to plop into onto the dash of your rental car. You should be able to, at the car rental desk, buy a bit of add-on software for the place you are visiting for your GPS. So if you are looking for the most-loved expensive restaurants or the best record store in this new city, it would be incorporated into the GPS device. This would preclude having to use a 2-step process, of using laptop with satellite web-access to find the city's best stuff, and then using the GPS to find the address.
engelr, Oct 22 2008


       Already available. Plus GPS units are going 3G and will be always connected to locally relevent info.
4whom, Oct 22 2008


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