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Divide the world into eight sectors
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We have had the idea of Southern and Northern and Eastern and Western Hemispheres. The first two bear a clear relationship to physical facts in that they are divided at the Equator but the second two don't. There are also other hemispheres out there such as the Hemispheres of Land and Water, centred on Nantes and its antipodes. Although those two hemispheres are nicely physical, sadly they fail to line up with the other two nicely physical ones, so we're a bit stuck with those unless we're happy to change the tilt of the planet, so we're just going to have to stick at the four we currently have. Day and night are other options but they move a lot.

We can have Northwestern, Northeastern, Southeastern and Southwestern Hemidemispheres but these are less aesthetically pleasing than either hemispheres or half- hemidemispheres.

I therefore propose that we declare the great circle which passes through 90 degrees east and west to be a further division, which would divide the world into eight hemidemisemispheres. I suggest further that these be referred to as front and back, or possibly anterior and posterior.

Now I like where I live but I still think it should be referred to as the posterior of the world because otherwise I would be insulting my antipodean friends. It is still quite interesting because the posterior northeastern hemidemisemisphere is mainly land whereas the anterior southeastern hemidemisemisphere is mainly ocean.

I don't know why I want to do this but I'm sure it would suddenly make Time Cube comprehensible.

nineteenthly, May 02 2016


       + Title alone.
blissmiss, May 03 2016

       Thanks [blissmiss].
nineteenthly, May 03 2016

       I like the proposal too, especially the reference to Nantes, of all places. And what is your stance on demisemihemidemisemispheres, please?
bhumphrys, May 03 2016

       The angles just aren't right I'm afraid, [bhumphrys].
nineteenthly, May 03 2016

       Squares. If they can't divide the surface of the Earth into nice practical squares I'm just not interested.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 03 2016

       Well I am.   

       ...but Geodesic Triangularicities... are really the only way to go.   

       They would be nice.
nineteenthly, May 04 2016


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