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Google maps tourist kiosk

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Planning a trip to an unfamiliar city? Don't know your way around? Stop in at this interactive kiosk and get your bearings. The kiosk would have a touchscreen and keyboard, allowing visitors to enter search terms into Google maps. there could be icons for common searches like hotels, shopping, restaurants or tourist sites. The kiosk would print a map with directions to their destination based on whether they're walking, taking public transit or driving, as on Google maps.

Then, the kiosk would print the map. along with directions, there could be ads or coupons from similar local businesses printed on the map. This way, businesses could help offset the operating costs. Also, the kiosk could link to a local events database and print suggestions for other activities.

squirrelecule, Aug 28 2010

Google_20Mall_20Map [squirrelecule, Aug 28 2010]

Tourism_27s_20Compass_20Maps [squirrelecule, Aug 28 2010]

http://www.wayfinderkiosk.com/ [squirrelecule, Aug 28 2010]

http://www.mapyours...nsite_floorplan.cfm [squirrelecule, Aug 28 2010]

http://maps.thefull...g/Interactive_kiosk [squirrelecule, Aug 28 2010]

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       gotta agree with 21Q, if you'd come up with this one a few years back it would of had some good potential but as smartphones become more and more common this would quickly become redundant
ComatoseSheep, Aug 29 2010

       [21Q], this would still be useful to the sad, floundering 5/6 of people who don't have smartphones. Or who have lost or broken theirs. [+]
gisho, Aug 31 2010


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