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Goose Line

Goose Herding Appliance
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I have heard that geese cannot digest fat. So, I think it would be interesting to tie a piece of fat to a fishing line, feed it to a goose and wait for it to come out the other end.

The piece of fat could be fed to another goose and so on, ending up with a number of geese on a piece of fishing line.

I don't know much about goose ranching, but it seems this would make it easier for a farmer to move a flock of geese from one place to another.

mmrtnt, Oct 18 2006

bigger and better Elephants-on-a-rope
[po, Oct 18 2006]

Errol Flynn, Duck Threader? http://www.thedragn...ings/duck_coda.html
[jutta, Oct 18 2006]

German: Baron von Muenchhausen's Adventures http://gutenberg.sp...enchhs/muench02.htm
One of the older versions of this myth, involving ducks and bacon. [jutta, Oct 18 2006]

Snopes discussion of the myth. http://msgboard.sno...4/t/001482/p/1.html
[jutta, Oct 18 2006]


       The first goose should have two lines, with all the others distributed evenly across each. That way they can still fly in formation.
Shz, Oct 18 2006

       That is called "Stringing Geese" Google it.
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 18 2006

       //That is called "Stringing Geese" Google it//   


       I did google for "goose line", "goose herding" and "goose eating fat"   

       I really did think of this years ago when I first heard of the whole goose-fat incompatibility.
mmrtnt, Oct 18 2006

       Ah - this has nothing to do with Dan Brown, then?
DrCurry, Oct 18 2006

       And I thought I had all my ducks in a row.
Chefboyrbored, Oct 18 2006

       //This might work, unless the fat loses its consistency and the string comes off.//   

       Good point. I suppose when the fat begins to dissolve, you could just tie the string around a stick or a shovel or something.
mmrtnt, Oct 18 2006

       [Shz], my thoughts exactly ;)
phundug, Oct 18 2006

       I can believe that you truly think you thought of this yourself, but the incorrect meme that geese (or more often ducks) "cannot digest fat" is really only repeated in connection with the old string story. So, this may be one of those cases where someone reinvents something they've heard, but had forgotten.
jutta, Oct 18 2006

       //my thoughts exactly// You're crazy.
Shz, Oct 19 2006

       So geese cannot digest fat, but they'll happily take in a piece of fat with goose poop on it and a string tied to it?   

       I think it would be a lot easier to herd the geese one at time than to wrestle each one down and try to force-feed it greasy goose shit on a string that's dangling from another goose's ass.
baconbrain, Oct 30 2006


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