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Graded chili course

Eat your way up the hot scale
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I suppose there must be kindred folk out there who sit with watering eyes and a burning mouth, while a beaming host assures them that "it is very mild, really". Beef up those tongues! Own a copper lined throat!! Join the chili course!!!

The chili course is offered at a restaurant specialising in 'hot' (Indian? Mexican?) cuisine. You will first be tested on your chili tolerance and the level, and your progress, recorded on a card. You will carry this card and hand it over to the chef on each visit.

He will compute your comfort level taking into account the time since last visit (thanks Canuck).

On each visit, you will be served food just a bit hotter than your comfort level. Eventually, your mouth (and behind the day after) will develop a tolerance to capsicain which will allow you to appreciate the finer points of hot cookery in spite of the overbearing abundance of chili - I hope.

neelandan, Dec 24 2002


       <sexist/racist generalisation alert> It seems neat, but I think too many hot blooded British males would force this thing on their womenfolk, who would run a mile after the first mouthful above their tolerance level, and never return.
Feel free to alter genders/nationalities to suit your own prejudices/ experience/ comfort level.
egbert, Dec 24 2002

       I like it. Bring it on!
madradish, Dec 24 2002

       Definitely an idea for people who love to burn a hole in their stomachs...the winner would the be the guy or gal with a bleeding ulcer...congratulations!
NXM, Dec 26 2002

       This will also dispense of those middling folk who 'stick to what they know', resigning themselves to a bland diet which is about as varied as the gags in Friends. I'm all for it.
kpx, Dec 27 2002

       That bad, huh - I've never watched the "show" - snippets of commercials were boring enough until remote zapped 'em.
thumbwax, Dec 27 2002

       <homer>One, two... hey, what's the big idea?</homer>   

       <flanders>Oh, I admit it, it's only two-alarm, two-and-a-half, tops. I just wanted to be a big man in front of the kids.</flanders>
bookworm, Dec 27 2002

       Hey blissy, can I come visit you and have a chili cookoff? I've been told that my nachos are pretty good.
madradish, Dec 28 2002

       I can vouch for that, being the taste tester for many of madradish's nachos.   

       If there's going to be a chilli cookoff, can I be a judge? It would be interesting to see what could top her efforts.
Feng, Dec 28 2002

       I like the hot stuff myself. My spicy dishes are prepared with a drop or two of Oleoresin Capsicum. Yeah, I know… elephant repellants, pepper sprays… There’s a skull and crossbones on the bottle. Comes out great though, and it doesn’t change the taste of what I’ve prepared like most sauces do. Try that in the chili, and keep an ambulance on hand.
Shz, Dec 28 2002

       It's a deal! I'll bring my homemade habanero vinegar. Can we invite waugs?
madradish, Dec 29 2002

       Puts a new spin on the phrase "hot enough for you?"   

       I like it hot, too, but my tolerance fluctuates with the availability of spicy foods. I can't afford to eat out often and my schedule doesn't always allow time to prepare some of my favourite dishes (I should really get some fresh Sambal Oelek). Perhaps the rating card would be dated as well as showing your tolerance level, ie if it has been three weeks since you reached level 5 you would now be considered back at level 3 or 4? This would prevent a meltdown and possible malpractice suit.
Canuck, Dec 29 2002

       bliss, the 1/2B is my home away from home. My shelter in a world gone mad, or at least slightly pissed off. An oasis of common sense and good clean fun in the dry internet desert. An intellectual pick-me-up whenever I worry over the appalling illiteracy of some of today's youth.   

       And while I did not actually leave in the most technical sense of the word, I just kind of forgot to drop by for a while. My excuse? I work retail, 'nuff said.
Canuck, Dec 30 2002

       Nicely said [Canuck]! I find that my chili tolerance depends on my mood. Sometimes I feel like saying 'call this a vindaloo..wimps', other times I just don't feel like the hot stuff.
madradish, Dec 30 2002


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