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Gradually Weighted Dominoes

dominoes weighted at one end
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Dominoes are often used to make long lines of sequentially collapsing structures.
With dominoes which are weighted at one end, these structures can be made either more or less prone to collapse once the initial domino is tipped over.

(note - the actual game of dominoes is unaffected by this additional weight at one end)

Super delux complex version features magnets placed inside the dominoes which can then be controlled on a large board by programmable circuits operating switchable electro magnets underneath.

Ultra complex version has the weights placed at gradually ascending points in each domino. This means that the dominoes must be positioned in an exact order, with numbers inscribed on the bottom of each one to ensure accuracy.

The result of this ascending weight sequence is to create a gradually accelerating (or decelerating) collapse along the domino's linear structure.

xenzag, Nov 11 2022

https://www.youtube...watch?v=9hPIobthvHg [a1, Nov 11 2022]


       //the actual game of dominoes// I thought that was what you were describing, when you said //long lines of sequentially collapsing structures//
pocmloc, Nov 11 2022

       If you weighted a domino JUUUST right, you could get it to tip over far enough to knock the next one, then stand up again. Although you wouldn't be able to do that with all of them; only a strategic one here-or-there.
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 13 2022

       Find a way to do dominoes up-side down and you'd have something. Perhaps involving helium or floating in water somehow...
RayfordSteele, Nov 14 2022


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