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Grand Folks Monastery

Creating a new generation of unbeatable super-grandparents
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Inspired by the social decay of various regions, monastaries of grandmother and grandfather masters educate, comfort, and assist the people of the world. Training the youth in the ways and wisdom of old, these sanctuaries promote healthy, comfortable living for the elderly. A place for the sages of our families to help the social infrastructure of today.

Of course all participation is voluntary, and students of virtually any age are taken on after a trial of willingness and sensability. The monastaries are operate 24 hours a day - 7 days a week and are open to the public for advice, stories, and any knowledge the fine purveyors of the old ways and fine tradition can offer free of charge. (though donations are welcome)

Letsbuildafort, Dec 08 2003


       where did the inspiration for this come from?
po, Dec 08 2003

       I dunno ... perhapse the grand sage of reason clued me in <grin>   

       I was doing my best not to make it sound like a hippie commune for old folks. Far more respectful than that.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 08 2003

       Perfect for all those grandkiddies whose grandparents died before they could meet them. Not only that but they don't have to remember pesky brithday dates and buy Christmas presents (assuming said grandkiddies are Christians).
Space-Pope, Dec 08 2003

       My Granny and Grandad brought me up during the week till I was 4. They taught me to read, write, cook, bake, count, sing songs, tell stories, be cheeky and get away with it, make paper hats, and distract small, bored children with pointless excercises ( my Gran's favourite was to give me a bucket of soapy water and a sock to wash and send me into the garden for half and hour).   

       I like the human contact content of this idea as opposed to being done over the phone. But, [letsbuildafort], you are mistaken in your ambition to create the most super-grandparents. They're baked and they're mine.
squeak, Dec 09 2003

       //Respectfully inspired by [po] // doesn't sound like me at all!
po, Dec 09 2003

       how is this different than an old folks home? many of the elderly living in retirement homes would be more than happy to have visitors on a regular basis. you might want to call and talk to the management first, but i bet you could just show up and find someone who would love to talk to you.
luecke, Dec 09 2003

       [po] - it was the annos between you and I on "Dial a Grandmother" idea.   

       [luecke] Sometimes visiting the rest home can be comewhat of a bad experience ... it has a very grim clinical feel to me, and this provides a more open, less hospital-type environment for your Grandparents. Students do the usual chores and required daily activities that traditional monks do. Thus assisting the sages with their needs, and supplimenting the monk's learning experience. -- Rest Homes just seems to be the standard "last stop before death" HOLE ... we just gotta do something better than that
Letsbuildafort, Dec 09 2003


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