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Resurrection of the dead

Using DNA extraction and baby cloning restore everybody back
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and realize the prophecy.
pashute, Nov 08 2012

YouTube: Stay out of Riverdale http://www.youtube....watch?v=AaFamedaS1g
[rcarty, Nov 08 2012]


       Phillip Jose Farmer did it first. Spider Robinson did it second (that I'm aware of).   

       Unfortunately a clone is not the same person, so, while I'm not going to MFD this, it is bad science.
MechE, Nov 08 2012

       Hmm... I sort of think the [culture: revival] category was intended for the “bring back bell bottoms and lava lamps” kind of revival rather than the “mechaye hametim” kind.
ytk, Nov 08 2012

       There has to be a way to keep an individual's subjectivity alive through cultivating brain neurons. When I say there has to be I mean I have absolutely no idea. However, I don't like the prospect of indefinite nonexistence. It was nice to meet everyone!
rcarty, Nov 08 2012

       // I don't like the prospect of indefinite nonexistence. //   

       Stay away from Brighton, that's our advice.
8th of 7, Nov 08 2012

       Can you provide a reference to any prophecy that says that after you die you will be survived by an identical twin brother or sister?
pocmloc, Nov 09 2012

       DNA and identity are not the same thing - if you somehow were able to get hold of some Adolf Hitler DNA and were able to successfully create a genetically identical baby Hitler - chances are, given the fact that any individual child is going to grow up with dramatically different moment-to- moment experiences, they'd very likely end up just like anyone else.   

       And what prophecy? So much has been prophesied that it's pretty tricky not to fulfil a handful of prophecies on a daily basis.
zen_tom, Nov 09 2012

       I knew you'd say that, z_t.

<gives 8th a hard stare in passing>
DrBob, Nov 09 2012

       [marked-for-deletion] WKTE, bad science

       Spider Robinson - "Lifehouse" etc. - time-travellers suck out everybody back to the stone age's minds, just before they die, and upload them into a big computer to be reconstituted.
FlyingToaster, Nov 09 2012

       Where was that piece of Jesus' circumcision again?
RayfordSteele, Nov 09 2012

       //And what prophecy? So much has been prophesied that it's pretty tricky not to fulfil a handful of prophecies on a daily basis.//   

       He is no doubt referring to the prophecy in Judaism that when the messiah arrives, all of the dead will be brought back to life. Actually, it's more than a prophecy—the notion is fixed in one of the main Jewish prayers, the Amidah: “Praised are you, Lord, who gives life to the dead.” That's only in the Conservative and Orthodox traditions, however—Reform Judaism is a bit more wishy-washy on the matter, substituting “who gives life to everything” for the last part.
ytk, Nov 09 2012

       The idea is about a cult that believes this should be done, and tries to achieve it. Hence "Culture" and no BS.   

       Then when weird things happen around the world you can add it to conspiracy theories and make them even more interesting.
pashute, Nov 10 2012

       Be a bit of a shame wouldn't it: the Rapture called off because of some beancounter Rabbi, adamant that "one male birth, one circumcision", and His Highness reascending into the heavenly vault muttering "no, not that again" and something uncomplimentary about the Earth and humans in general nobody could catch.
FlyingToaster, Nov 10 2012

       But this time the Italians sell Fiats, the Vatican would never kill JC, and in Israel there is no death penalty. (Even the child murderer Samir Kuntar was released for Gilad Shalit...) Maybe he'd be able to explain things to a more perceptive audience. Or at least discuss his ideas on halfbakery.
pashute, Nov 11 2012


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