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Gideons Loofah

A New Organization Dedicated to Making The Life of the Weary Traveller Just a Little More Like Home By Providing That Most Delightful Manual Bath Appliance In Hotels and Motels
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OK, well then, maybe that most delightful manual bath appliance that doesn't run on batteries.

Happy scrubbing!

(Disclaimer: Gideon's Loofah, Inc. is not responsible for the personal health of users of their loofah's resulting from improperly sanitized loofah's. Listen buddy, you've had your five minutes of bliss; just be happy with that and leave our corporate lawyers alone --- besides that, they're all down at the Product Testing Lab currently immersed in steaming sudsy tubs with satisfied looks on their faces and don't need to hear pesky complaints from the whiny likes of you.)

Grogster, Oct 12 2013


       [+] Those bibles do a terrible job at removing dead skin flakes.
awesomest, Oct 15 2013

       I didn't really want to shower just now, but the gilt made me do it...   

       And notice the highly useful instruction on the handle!   

       "...Please stop using this end! The handle smells funny enough as it is..."
Grogster, Oct 18 2013


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