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Balcony Jam

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Go out onto your balcony on a warm summer evening with an electric guitar, Window Box Moog, piano accordian, trombone etc and join in the festive collaborative excitement that is Balcony Jam.

On a designated evening at a designated time, musicians within an apartment block go out onto their diminutive patios, verandahs, balconies etc and begin playing to a four/four beat. Individual balcony amplifiers increase the volume so that all around may listen and tap their feet and click their fingers to your new urban groove.

Flashing lights and disco balls will add to the effect on each balcony and you may feel part of the collective creative environment without ever having to actually meet or speak to your other band members.

benfrost, Oct 30 2005

window box moog Window_20Box_20Moog
[benfrost, Oct 30 2005]

Vagina music http://b00mb0x.org/blog/000562.html
[Ling, Oct 30 2005]

Tekno http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freetekno
boomboomboomboom [Trickytracks, Oct 30 2005]

Robert Moog http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Moog
pronounced to rhyme with "vogue" which means I have been saying it wrong for years. [calum, Oct 31 2005]


       ah, jam!
po, Oct 30 2005

       'Happens all the time where I come from... Last time I was in Parma a violinist was leading the neighbourhood... The accordionist was playing second fiddle.
Dub, Oct 30 2005

       is that possible, dub?
po, Oct 30 2005

       If they were playing Vagina music, then I suppose you could call it vagina j...   

       <hangs head in shame>
Ling, Oct 30 2005

       I'm thinking that a band whose members never actually speak to each other might not be one I'd actually like to listen to - Phil in 5C is playing Stairway to Heaven on guitar, Joanne is crooning Country Roads in 10A, Sam on drums in 6F is pounding out Ant Music, and Alexis in 1E is playing Toccata & Fugue on her electronic organ.   

       I have seen bands play from balconies before now, complte with light shows, and I'll give you a croissant if they at least practice together beforehand.   

       (Yeah, yeah, I know many successful band members stopped talking to each other but went on to huge success. That's not the same thing at all.)
DrCurry, Oct 30 2005

       Bunbunbun... if only for the category.   

       Of course, I'm afraid that people would mind if some of my friends hooked up their +10kW soundsystem on my roof, and we started dj-ing loud distorted breakcore and (free-)tekno, as part of the jam. "What? It's a 4/4 beat, you wuss."   

       Still, I'd like to try this where I live. I believe there's lots of accordeons and trumpets and guitars around. (and me & my powerbook full of noise, of course)(I live in somewhat of a community of aging artists)
Trickytracks, Oct 30 2005

       //HIV gutted most of the artistic communities//   

       Uhm, [UB].... I'm not in _that_ kind of community...
Trickytracks, Oct 30 2005

       //I'm not in _that_ kind of community...//   

       please be careful of what you are saying Trickytracks. There's little value in ignorance.
benfrost, Oct 30 2005

       I'm sorry, I believe I'm missing something? It's not my intention to insult/hurt anybody.
Trickytracks, Oct 31 2005

       This idea makes me suffer from ESES!
sleeka, Oct 31 2005

       I'm confused.
Trickytracks, Oct 31 2005

       //I'm confused.//   

       enjoyable innit.
skinflaps, Oct 31 2005

       //enjoyable innit.//   

       Quite. :) But still, I'm curious as to why I might be offending people.
Trickytracks, Oct 31 2005

       Ah, right. Rest assured, I wouldn't dream of doing so. I'm still a bit confused as to why you would bring up the subject HIV in combination with artistic communities, though, but my reply was purely intended as a joke, referring to 60's/70's communal houses, what with the Sexual Revolution wreaking havoc and all. Again, I'll assure you that I'm as non-discriminating as the rest of you. (God, I feel stupid even having to write this, but oh well. )
Trickytracks, Nov 01 2005

       oh right now i see. hehe
benfrost, Nov 02 2005

       As much as I hate to pee on the party here, I figure that balcony jam could work provided that every musician was in close proximity of each other- like the apartment beside it. If you try to jam with anyone else in the apartment above or below then you run into delay issues from the sound bouncing off of the adjacent buildings. The lead guitar player is playing on beats 2 & 4 thinking that he is playing on beats 1 & 3.
Jscotty, Nov 04 2005

       I could see this. and actually I would love it. My fondest memory of the 11th grade (age 16) is when we performed ad lib pencil, ruler, foot and hand rhythm jam on our desks and the moment the teacher walked in-dead silence. We laughed.   

       I guess my concern is acoustics in a concrete jungle; would the echo throw off the base player a city block away.
dentworth, Nov 04 2005


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