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Gridlock road-rage riot control

An untapped resource
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When riots or protests occur in major cities, it's disruptive and more than a little annoying.

In a society where the greater part of the population are happy with how things are, a dissatisfied majority can be simply and quickly dealt with by the citizens themselves, by use of "gridlock riot control".

If trouble breaks out or a crowd gathers, all that is needed is to turn all the traffic lights in the immediate vicinity to red, causing gridlock. in addition, the amber light will flash, indicating that this is a "special" situation and that something is going on within walking distance.

Those trapped by the gridlock then have the option of availing themselves of any facilities they have in their car - tyre iron, jack handle, fire extinguisher, shotgun - and going to deal with the troublemakers, knowing that the gridlock will only be "released" when the trouble is over.

Within minutes of assembling, any potential or actual rioters will be set upon by an enraged mob of car owners, and quickly dissuade from their foolishness.

In case of accusations of assault or excessive force, all the citizen needs to do is demonstrate that their car is trapped in one of the jams.

8th of 7, Jun 30 2008


       //where the greater part of the population are happy with how things are, a dissatisfied majority can be simply and quickly dealt with// ... by pointing out to them that, if the greater part are happy, then they, the dissatisfied ones, must really be a *minority*? Shirley?   

       Oh, and what if there's already a pedestrian counter-demonstration going on? Motorists picking the wrong side might unwittingly find themselves fighting against other motorists. Furthermore, the pedestrians might be fitter, on account of getting more exercise, and might thereby have the better of the encounter.
pertinax, Jun 30 2008

       Actually, I've just had a vision of a meta-meta-mob getting stuck into [8th]'s meta-mob, with cries of "I don't have time for this footling vigilantism, I have a meeting to get to - I will see your fire extinguisher and shotgun and raise you a water cannon and sawn-off, while the winch on my SUV tears down your special traffic lights!" Of course, these gentlemen would belong to an even more major majority, who are even more happy with how things are.
pertinax, Jun 30 2008

       Hah! You could have infinite recursion of who is protesting whom. whee.
sninctown, Jun 30 2008


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