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Ostrich Mounted Police Hellriders

Better Criminal Control in Crowds
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Ostriches with metallic headgear designed by motorcycle customizers will patrol the streets in events that have a mostly benign crowd control requirement. (Mardis Gras).
"I had to dismount & now Florentino is pissed!, You don't want a piece of Florentino do you SCUM?!!"
Police will be trained in tandem with the Ostriches to cut through crowds (w/ loud noises & pecking if necessary) to get to crowd disturbances and maintain order. If required an attack code will be given to allow the ostrich to attack and aid the officer if the officer is in danger.
The unexpected seems to be respected in New Orleans so I figure it would work for about 5 years just due to the intimidation factor of the ostrich.
(I've seen guns & knives displayed during Mardi Gras - luckily I was not the offending person & the ones who were split like Flin.)
Zimmy, Jul 26 2005


Zimmy, Jul 26 2005

       "Ready the Eggzooka!"   

       Ostrich burys head in the MUD.   

       Transvestite, possibly about to overdose on heroine.   

       Camera ready.   

       Ensues laughter, funny the things that die in this town.
daseva, Jul 26 2005

       Just like in horseracing, you'd need small officers.
normzone, Jul 26 2005

       Midgets FTW!!!
EvilPickels, Jul 26 2005

       I'm afraid to read this, but I've given you a bun for the title.
ato_de, Jul 27 2005

       I read this as ostrich mounted police hairdriers
po, Jul 27 2005

       HAH HAH
The Kat, Jul 27 2005


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