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Grocery List Email

Send your list to the Grocery Store
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Grocery Store Chains should set up a system where people can email their grocery list to the store. The items are stored in a database and retrievable and printable by the user when they get to the store.

This way you can email to your list when you are at work and think of something that you need. No more forgotten items, add them to the list as you think of them. No more little pieces of paper with scribbled notes. No more forgetting the list at home. No more making up the list at the last minute. You can email the items to your 'account' as they come to mind.

Items will be stored for 30 days at which time the list is emailed back to you and the items are deleted.

Everyone sends email to the same address. The system determines which list it goes on based on the senders email address. The Account should be able to associate a number of email addresses with your account. (This way you can include work email, home email, spouse email etc...)

Similarly, you could use a web site and have people log in and create lists there, but the email solution seems more hassle free.

UPDATE: I do realize that there are grocery delivery services available. This is an enhancement for people who prefer to go to the store themselves as opposed to the online services.

blahginger, Aug 08 2000

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       Just think of the spam potential! (There's a pun in there somewhere, but I won't go looking for it...)
kgb, Dec 18 2000

       Why not just place your grocery list in the public domain? Uploading it to your webspace is as easy as emailing it, and the information would go so many more places!
LoriZ, Jun 04 2001

       Um, Palm Pilot?
magrak, Jun 10 2002

       Palm Pilot - If you can use a palm pilot then that is a much better solution. Personally I do not have the dedication to bring that thing anywhere.   

       Public Domain? I guess I would not put it the list there for the same reason I do not want to write the list on a peice of paper...I would still have to remember to bring it with me. (Unless your supermarket has a free surfing kiosk?)   

       The advantage to the consmer is the list is waiting there for me.   

       The advantage to the store is customer loyalty, you get to build up more sinister statistics about who is buying what, more sales due to less forgotten items.   

       The list could be compiled and sorted by a program that lists things by aisle, also prints coupons with the list.
blahginger, Jul 15 2002

       Do people really need this? You mean we can't keep up with a silly list and add to it? We have to go to the same store? I don't think it is so hard to print out my list before I go shopping.
heatherbell, Aug 12 2002

       This makes sense only if you could mail them the list and they have your stuff bagged and ready to pick up. But that, I'm sure, is baked.
horripilation, Nov 29 2002

       in the UK, Sainsbury's are trialling an extension to their home delivery service. you basically order your shopping online & then collect it, without having to go through a till.
mymus, Nov 29 2002

       yeah, last time I wentin to my local supermarket it was to buy, cooking oil. ! spent £168, but forgot to buy some ham for my sandwiches! delivery in the UK £5, too much for me, so at present do not use online ordering system for home delivery.
uked, Jan 24 2003


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