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Automatic Speech Recognition Shopping List Generator

"Darn, we are out of Crunchy-O's"
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This device would be placed in the kitchen and would have a microphone that would pick up select speech in the kitchen and convert it into a shopping list, which could then be retrieved and printed. You would say "We are out of milk", and the device would pick up the speech and put "Milk" on the shopping list. The device would then beep and acknowledge that the item has been added to the list. The user could also specify afterwards to delete last item, in case it was accidental. It would have to also incorporate speech profiles to prevent 3-year old Bobby from coming in to the kitchen and saying, "We are out of chocolate chips" 10 times.
BinaryCookies, Aug 04 2002


       But you go out of your mind if it becomes out of order bcause it's out of print paper or the beeper gets out of tune.
FarmerJohn, Aug 04 2002

       I believe this is Baked in the form of husbands. (Around here, anyway.)
DrCurry, Aug 05 2002

       "You're out of line." (adds fishing tackle)
"Granny's lost her marbles!" (Adds marbles to list)
"He's lost his mind!" (adds sheep's brain)
"You've got no balls!" (adds another interesting delicacy to list.
pottedstu, Aug 05 2002

       Cassette deck plays Fairport Convention's "Who knows where the time goes". ASRSLG adds *another* box of herbs.
angel, Aug 05 2002

       You could get rid of the paper by using an online shopping service and sending the list electronically.   

       Additionally you could have the device listen to cooking programs with you so it could order all the ingredients for you.
Aristotle, Aug 05 2002

       This is sort-of baked on my videophone. Click the notepad file with the shopping list in it; it kicks off the speech recogniser as the input device. Speak what you want and it writes it down for you. Mind you, the vocabulary is a bit limited (unless you train in the individual words explicitly) and it can make a bit of a mess (often amusing) of things like "bolognaise" and "maraschino" .....
8th of 7, Aug 05 2002

       Didn't they have something like this on Star Trek? A food replicator? They even eliminated the shopping part.
dougp01, Jun 13 2010

       [dougp01] Why stop there? Eliminate the speaking part too -- that'll leave you with a Nutrimatic machine. No, that turned out badly. Better to stick with the more modest idea [BinaryCookies] proposed.
mouseposture, Jun 13 2010

       I guess we can add this to the latently baked as my phone has an app for this. I guess eight years isn't too long to wait.
MisterQED, Jun 15 2010


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