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one of a kind
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Singles is a shop that only sells single items. If such a shop existed, I would give it plenty of business, due to my working circumstances during part of every week. Naturally there would be a small extra charge, for example: the packaging of a single egg; slice of bread, portion of butter etc.

I know that some items are already available in half portions, but in this shop every item comes as a total single. Some items may be ganged together eg single cigarette plus one match; tea bag, plus solitary milk and sugar set, but the total emphasis is on solitary items.

When I was growing up, you could buy a penny glass of lemonade at a local corner shop, or a spoonful of Creamola Foam if that was your preference.

xenzag, Jun 11 2010

Music to use in advertising this shop http://sniff.numach...ges/tiONEGRAIN.html
[hippo, Jun 11 2010]

...where you can buy a single serving of peanut butter... Peanut_20Butter_20Pats
[hippo, Jun 11 2010]

...a sausage,... The_20Lonely_20Sausage
[hippo, Jun 11 2010]

...and a small bottle of whiskey,... 12-oz_20Whisky_20Bottle
[hippo, Jun 11 2010]

...and then you have to do the washing-up. Single_20Dishwasher
[hippo, Jun 11 2010]


       Be a real shame to buy a cigarette and waste your match. Or break your egg on the way home. Or have your single slice of bread wind-up butter-side down. Safety in numbers, you know. [+] Because I would LOVE that kind of store.
Letsbuildafort, Jun 11 2010

       There was a corner shop in a town where I used to live that sold single cigarettes with a match.   

       They got busted because virtually all their customers were schoolkids.
Twizz, Jun 11 2010

       I've seen the single cigarette store in the US, and the single egg store in China. And I think T.J. Maxx occasionally sells single shoes. [+] for bringing it all together.
swimswim, Jun 11 2010

       So, just like a conventional shop, only selling single instances of things, in this instance. A unary improvement.
zen_tom, Jun 11 2010

       Man takes shopping to the check-out:   

       *beep* - 1 carrot
*beep* - 1 potato
*beep* - 1 steak pie (single portion)
etc. ...

       Young girl at check-out says, "You're single, aren't you?"
Man pauses a second, then says, "Ah - you worked that out from my shopping!?"
"No - it's because you're an ugly bas****!"
Jinbish, Jun 11 2010

       Just the left sock please.   

       [Jinbish], that made me laugh...
blissmiss, Jun 11 2010

       Glad to be of service, [bliss].
Jinbish, Jun 11 2010

       Idea makes me happy, too.+
blissmiss, Jun 11 2010


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