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Palm Barcode Shopping-list

Palm reads barcode and stores in database
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There are a lot of shopping list applications available for the Palm (haven't tried any yet). The input is the bottleneck. It is easier to scan the barcode of an item that you trash in the kitchen, just like the guy on the website icepick.com does (you can see on-line what is in his garbagecan). What is missing is a barcode scanner that can be attached to the cradle side of the Palm (the springboard-slot on my Visor is already full with my VisorPhone). Something like that IR- thing to turn your Palm into a remote control. I see shop assistants using a similar kind of barcode equipment for stock inventory. The scanner on the Palm would create a record in a database for each new barcode. Each record can be named manually, with more information than the obvious, like: "sister in law is allergic to this" and "great mix with that .. drink", "barbara's addiction", "it looks great but it tastes awful!" etc. Records can be linked together in a receipe. The records can be beamed to other Palms. Just the barcodenumber if you are only giving your shopping list to a shop assistant or the whole record with references if you are swapping receipes with friends. When you are syncing with your computer the barcodes translate into an order for on-line shopping. It also allows for associative shopping. You see beautiful tomatoes for sale, scan the barcode and your receipes of great things you can do with tomatoes appear. You can choose the one for which you already have most other ingredients at home according to the stock inventory in your Palm.
rrr, Nov 09 2001

Wired house http://www.icepick.com
what is trashed is scanned [rrr, Nov 09 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

List of Palm shopping list apps http://www.palmgear...35&CFTOKEN=69456973
Applications for the Palm to maintain a shopping list [rrr, Nov 09 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

IR module http://www.pacificneotek.com/omnihw.htm
IR module plugs into bottom of Palm [rrr, Nov 09 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Plug-In scanner for windows-based palm thingies http://www.cdw.com/...ault.asp?EDC=100068
[quarterbaker, Nov 09 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Site #1 for PalmPilot scanner thing http://www.semicron.com/palmpilot.html
[quarterbaker, Nov 09 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Site #2 for PalmPilot scanner thing http://www.barcode.com/symspporbarc.html
[quarterbaker, Nov 09 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

more scanners http://online.symbo...5376&prrfnbr=279922
one keychain-sized, one for the Visor, one for stores [hello_c, Nov 09 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Hacking the Cue:Cat http://www.i-hacked.com/cuecat/
If the consumer goods are too pricey for you, find a Cue:Cat and dig in [hello_c, Nov 09 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Palm software to understand Cue:Cat barcodes http://www.alpha-ne...rs2/yawata/pccatDA/
[hello_c, Nov 09 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Bristol's barcoded art app on iPAQ http://www65.pair.c...lz/ccBarcodeApp.jpg
Crappy pic of my iPAQ caught in the act of scanning. [bristolz, Nov 09 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

:PHatCat http://idleprocess.virtualave.net/
beware of bountiful popups [LoriZ, Nov 09 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Symbol SPT1550 http://www.barcodeg.../symbol/spt1550.htm
Palm device (with scanner) from Symbol, this one's just under $400. [philmar, Oct 23 2006]

CS 1504 Consumer Memory Scanner enables customers http://www.scansmar.../catalog/cs1504.asp
Capture barcodes on retail merchandise in order to create a shopping lists [mickey, Jan 02 2008]


       Baked. See links provided (sorry, they're commercial links - I provided 2 competitors for the Palm thing so as to not be seen as biased). You can get the palm OS item for $375 or so.

Try doing a google search before posting.
quarterbaker, Nov 09 2001

       It seems baked to some extent indeed. But the implementations you link are for business use. For us simple souls they are quite useless. The software I describe is not included, it's a 'productivity tool'. For consumers it needs to be fun.
rrr, Nov 09 2001

       I actually own a SocketCom CF-slot barcode scanner for my iPAQ. No, really!
bristolz, Nov 09 2001

       And what can you do with it bristolz?
rrr, Nov 09 2001

       It's a bit commercial. I built an application, using Pocket Internet Explorer (pIE) and XML/XSL, that allows folks to scan barcodes affixed to works of art in our corporate halls and get back a little Web page with info about the art work and the artist. People really like it, so much so that the curator for the collection is adopting the idea for widespread use throughout the collection.
The scanner itself is a marvel, easy on batteries and with great acuity, it can snag a scan from a couple feet away in about a tenth of a second. I put up a photo of my app scanning an artwork (see link)
bristolz, Nov 09 2001

       My tomatoes never have a barcode. Some of them have a URI, but no barcode.
hello_c, Nov 09 2001

       Best to make data dumps between devices easy too.
LoriZ, Nov 11 2001

       [waugs]: I find my iPAQ to be something of a novelty item. I wouldn't spend the $$ on it again until there were new compelling reasons to own one (like combined with a cell-phone). All I seem to use it for is to sync up my home schedule with my work schedule and read the occasional e-book (bio of Thomas Edison at the moment).
The battery life is kind of sucky, too. It does have a high coolness factor, though, if that means anything to you.
bristolz, Nov 12 2001

       I was wondering if anyone knows of a palm database that can identify the barcode scanned and give the item it is (i.e. given the upc 012000202148, the database says it's Aquafina).   

       Thanks, Katie
iukatie, Dec 04 2003

       As an addition to the funcationlity of your tool, the scanner is linked via wireless broadband that would tell you the price of identical items at nearby supermarkets.
sprogga, Oct 24 2006


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