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A cheaper version of golf
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Grolf would be played on one green throughout, hence the “gr”, and so should cost in theory 1/18th of golf.
Grolf would be a cross between lawn bowls [see via Google] and golf, the ”jack” being the flag in the hole and the aim of the game to get as close as possible to the flag with the balls you’re allowed, not to get INTO the hole.
A measuring wheel or laser would settle close calls. Scoring would be the same as lawn-bowls.
rayfo, Mar 05 2001


       Rayfo! Welcome back!   

       I like the 1/18th cost aspect of this game. Regular golf is too expensive.
PotatoStew, Mar 05 2001

       You don't compete at a driving range, and you sure wouldn't want to walk out onto a driving range to measure who got closer (not without armor, anyway).
PotatoStew, Mar 05 2001

       rayfo, please add my "welcome back" to those already offered.
beauxeault, Mar 05 2001

       [you had gone away, rayfo? ah well, w/b anyway.] I'm with UnaBubba on this one. If the greens were, say, a fifth of the size of the ones on a 'real' golf course (~40-100y/10-30m?), one could fit more holes into a smaller space, and I find it much more enjoyable to chip and putt than drive anyway.
absterge, Mar 06 2001

       Susen should love this idea (because of the reduced land requirements).
beauxeault, Mar 06 2001


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