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Golf Racing

yet an other attempt to make golf a bit more interesting to watch.
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There's plenty of ideas similar to this, so I'll keep it to the point.

Each hole is played by two teams at once. A team consists of three members and one golf buggy.

For a par 3 hole:

Team member one tees off, in the hope of landing the ball as close as possible to team member 2, who has positioned themselves as deliberately as possible to help. As the ball is landing team member two will advance toward it. Meanwhile team member 1 is in the golf buggy advancing down the course (team member 1 is to be termed the "driver" because they have to be good at both driving and driving).

When team member 2 gets to the ball, they make their best effort to get the ball to team member 3, who would probably be waiting on the green for a par 3. Should the shot be great, he can bring his putter to bear and hole the ball... which, if done before the competing team wins the hole.

The number of shots doesn't matter, when mistakes are inevitably made any member can try to rectify it. The golf buggy should be hilariously identical to a normal one, possibly less stable.

Vulgar trousers mandatory.

bs0u0155, May 20 2013


       The thing is, [bs], even if you go to the trouble of implementing all this, all you wind up with is a more interesting version of golf.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 20 2013

       I know, I know. But the universe has inflicted golf upon us, maybe it's the price we had to pay to learn about boundary-layer aerodynamics and attached flow and all that. Maybe it serves to get us away from the TV and have a really good go at the crusty stuff on the bottom of the oven.
bs0u0155, May 20 2013

       The universe has given us many things: quasars, naked mole rats, differential calculus, hummus, Australians, mass, cholera, the word 'lenticular'... It is really up to us to decide which we keep and which we decide we can well do without.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 20 2013

       [+] not too difficult to imagine interactive speed golf.
FlyingToaster, May 21 2013

       Repurpose Vietnam style GI helmets as safety golf racing equipment, vulgarity enhancement acheived by implementation of the R&A-mandated styling: each helmet is made to look like some windswept municpal golf course hillock, a scale replica of the golfer wearing the helmet operates as a humanised pickelhaube.
calum, May 21 2013

       So... grass hockey, minus the opposition?
pertinax, May 21 2013

       Use quantum entangled golf balls.   

       (The guy at the green has to keep the distal-end golf ball in his pocket, since if it were observed, the "entanglement" would be destroyed.)
lurch, May 22 2013


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