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Groovy Cube

A little lava goes a long way...
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While recently engaged in a championship stare-off with the ViewSonic monitor on my desk, I let my gaze wander off to the wall, the window, and just about any other thing that popped into my peripheral vision.

Since my computer seems to get some satisfaction in winning these staring contests with me, I usually just let it.

It was during one of these recent moments of mental wandering that I had a sudden impulse to get a lava lamp.

I'm not sure why, but that soothing, groovy, ever-slow dance of the goo seems to relax me. It's been years since I've had one around.

With my mind still wandering around quite nicely, it occured to me that I didn't want just any lava lamp, but a really, really big lava lamp. Thinking on that for a moment, I thought, "What would it be like to be INSIDE of a lava lamp".

All at once the (lava) light bulb came on!

Why not build cubicals and maybe even walls out of a double-walled piece of glass, fill it with water and "lava", provide some sort of heat on the bottom.

Oh, yes, that's the thing... a lava cube.

Let the goo dancing begin.

zigness, Jun 23 2006

(?) Lava Lamp Screensaver http://www.desktop-...&file=article&sid=2
[tatmkr, Jun 23 2006]


       Bun, if only for [championship stare-off with the ViewSonic monitor ]
normzone, Jun 23 2006

       + fun bun for lava rooms. (not to be confused with lava-tory)
xandram, Jun 23 2006

       I thought you were going somewhere else with this. You know those touch-screen overlays that turn a normal everyday monitor into a touch screen? Why not turn your monitor into a lava lamp! Then you can fool your boss by pretending to be examining some important document, but really, you're watching the pretty colors. ;) Regardless, I'm one for Lavalamps of any sort, so I'll give you a muffin for it.
Ayelis, Jun 23 2006

       Would this cube also double as a heater?
Gallus, Jun 24 2006

       // Lava lamps would require a lot of heat so they would not be practical// Since when does practicality have anything to do with it? Besides, if the heat they use is just radiated to the rest of the room, then they are perfectly practical -- as "helper" heaters.
zigness, Jun 25 2006


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