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cubicle curtain

cheap office privacy maintenance
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I work in cubeville, and have this issue with walkers-by viewing my surfage on my computer. It seems like they *always* walk by at inopportune times - like when I'm checking my personal mail or paying bills or looking at some website that, ok, I *know* I shouldn't be looking at, and I would prefer that they don't see what I'm working on, or *if* I'm working, but I can't close my door, because I don't have a door! And the chances that I will get a door are nil, because cubes *never* have doors.

So, I give you: The Cubicle Curtain! It works like a shower curtain - you just get a rod and affix it to the opening that you walk through in the cubicle, then hang an OPAQUE shower-type curtain on the rod... voila! Privacy! I can do whatever I want in here! Of course, it doesn't help much with sound, for private calls and music, but at least I can look at or werk on whatever I want on the computer! I could even be naked in here and nobody would know!!! mwah ha ha! (hmm, ok, maybe not naked, but you get the drift...)

stephee, Apr 07 2003

Cubicle Curtain Factory http://www.cubiclecurtainfactory.com/
The mind boggles. [jutta, Oct 04 2004]

(?) Same day shipping! http://www.samedayhospitalcurtains.com/
[jutta, Aug 08 2005]


       But that would defeat the purpose of your not having a door.
snarfyguy, Apr 07 2003

       Just what *is* the purpose of my not having a door? I thought cubicles are used because they are cheaper and more rearrangeable than real walls... Y'know, that whole modular office thing... What I really *want* is an office with a real door, but I'm *settling* for a curtain.
stephee, Apr 07 2003

       1) Cheaper and reconfigurable   

       2) Open working environment (euphamism for less privacy / greater accountability)   

       Basically, so you can't goof off.
snarfyguy, Apr 07 2003

       My boss would just open the curtain without warning.
Shz, Apr 08 2003

       Get a 3M PF400XL security filter - 20 degree viewing arc. Of course, people could still spot you playing with yourself.
FloridaManatee, Apr 08 2003

       I like the idea. Kinda makes me feel like it's Tuesday. You know... voting day...   

       But most bosses would decline, again citing reason #2 that snarfguy gave. Although, around my job, one of the more popular sayings is, "It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission."
Bowner42, Apr 08 2003

       Combined with the "boss detector" (which I'm not even going to look for but I'm sure has been thought of already on this site), the curtain adds an extra degree of security.
phundug, Apr 08 2003

       If you should have privacy at your job, you'd have an office.
waugsqueke, Apr 08 2003

       gee, thanks for the lack of humor, waugs. I was just funnin'. No, I don't *need* privacy for my job, I would just prefer it...
stephee, May 16 2003

       Offices cost money and carry status that makes it difficult to give them to the employees who need them, even if both the manager and the employee agree that being less distracted would be good.   

       Only vaguely related: I recently underwent a minor medical procedure. The subterranean, greenish-gray, sixties state-of-the art operating room had been separated into workspaces using curtains - maroon, with faint rose patterns woven into them. The two styles had nothing in common, yet the colors harmonized, and it was nice to be in a space that, while functional, had still been decorated by someone.
jutta, Aug 27 2004

       Actually, that wasn't a rose pattern. That was merely a coincidentally-identical bloodspatter pattern.   

       Feel better!   

       EDIT: Oh yeah. Like the idea.
shapu, Aug 27 2004

       If this idea was well recieved I could see cublicles being replaced entirely by curtains around each work area. Which would be fun as the boss could pop out of where ever there is an opening in the curtain.
MrDaliLlama, Aug 28 2004

       Why not just rearange your cube. The entrances are very wide compared to the avg human width. So rotate your desk so it blocks half of the opening and place the computer, back facing out.
Antegrity, Aug 08 2005

       I wish I'd mentioned this earlier, but then I hadn't been taking scads of Organizational Behavior and HR Management classes at the time.   

       If your boss can't trust you to do your work, then he or she shouldn't have hired you. If the boss can't tell whether or not you're doing your work, then he or she shouldn't be a boss. And if you can't get your work done, then it's not going to get done with a change in your privacy level, and you shouldn't have a job.   

       Hang up the curtain.
shapu, Aug 08 2005


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