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Office rent

No, I'm the secretary. The boss is the cheap bastard in the middle of the cubicle farm.
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In most companies, nicer offices are typically assigned by rank or seniority, while the new and low-waged get interior cubicles. It would be refreshing to use the market system that determines every other aspect of corporate life for office allocation as well.

Every year employees can bid for every office location. If you hate your position, splurge on the cube with a window. If you don't care, save a few dollars in the middle of the room.

The result will be a bit of compensation for those with no view, and the ability to change your environment. Sure, the well-paid will likely end up with the corner offices anyway - but only at a price.

Worldgineer, Sep 27 2006

For [Ian T] Carbicle
Further adventures in flexible work boundaries. [Worldgineer, Sep 28 2006]


       Who exactly receives the rent money? Redistributed throughout the corporation?
phundug, Sep 27 2006

       Basically yes. It can go toward the actual rent of an office.   

       If the office is owned by the corporation, it can go to a fund for future remodels.
Worldgineer, Sep 27 2006

       I've heard of this too, although I can't cite specific companies.
DrCurry, Sep 28 2006

       //It made it hard on big, reasonably ugly men, like me.//   

       Thought about it and decided not to go there. Too easy a shot. ;)
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Sep 28 2006

       It's less fun if there's no sport in it!   

       Idea wise, I think this would be a great way to get a bit of inter-office banter going. People enjoy individual locations with windows etc, but they also enjoy working with various other people - I think it could get interesting once more than one group of people get together and decide to bid en mass for one part of the building or other. There might be dynamically shifting hot or cold spots dependent on where for example, the lovely Valerie from Accounts declares she's going to sit or Gordon’s (that guy with the weird facial tick, interesting ideas on personal hygiene and a tendency to close-talk) chosen location.
zen_tom, Sep 28 2006

       It tends to be the case that the corner-office dweller has paid for their privileged position not in cold hard cash but in hours put in.
calum, Sep 28 2006

       Time is money.
Zimmy, Sep 28 2006

       No, time is time. You're thinking of money.
calum, Sep 28 2006

       Does this mean that power is power too? That puts paid to my idea that time corrupts - though Einstein didn't help by showing that time is relative, and not absolute at all.
zen_tom, Sep 28 2006

       Currently I am bidding for a spot on UnaBubba's patio.
xandram, Sep 28 2006

       //Does this mean that power is power too?//   

       No. Information is power, and with power comes money, in time.
Shz, Sep 28 2006

       I see what you're saying, [World], but I can't see it getting started. Why would the "big decision makers" (those who currently reside in these offices) implement this? Presumably they like their offices. They would have to make a decision requiring themselves to pay money out of their own pockets to keep them.   

       I like that divorced office boundaries notion, [IT].
Shz, Sep 28 2006

       [shz] Why would the big decision makers choose this? I could think of a few reasons. Profit. Interesting/enjoyable atmosphere. Removing one level of annoying office politics and source for employee complaints. Being able to justify/afford a nicer workplace.
Worldgineer, Sep 28 2006

       OK, an optimistic bun then. In practice, though, I think you would find less of a 'do what is good for the whole' mentality, and instead more ego, territoriality, etc. Hmm - It could be mandated by the President, who of course keeps his office while everyone else does this.
Shz, Sep 28 2006

       I'm going to sound preposterously snobbish but, in this crowd, I don't care; we all have our quirks!   

       I am an engineer in my office and the drafters get the cubicles. I have client meetings and I need more room to use more resources and I am also in charge of more projects. The office also keeps out the noise and improves client confidentiality.   

       And now the really snobbish part- I could and would pay more out of my disposable income than the drafters could ever afford (unless they were selling crack on the side). I think it is terribly baked but maybe only because I have worked long and hard enough to get away from the cubicles.
Wakt_Out, Oct 27 2006

       That's what conference rooms are for - just reserve one.
Shz, Oct 27 2006

       [Wakt] I'm an engineer as well, and having worked under both office types I actually enjoy an open plan. Sure it's less quiet with less privacy and I have to meet clients in a conference room, but I enjoy the constant interaction with my peers.   

       Under such a system, you could afford your walled office, and I'd save my pennies and hang out with the drafters.
Worldgineer, Oct 27 2006

       //I have worked long and hard enough to get away from the cubicles.//
As a "drafter" (& then some), I might mention that there are some "drafters" who could easily outbid average engineers.
I sell efficiency on the side, not crack.
Zimmy, Oct 27 2006

       //I sell efficiency on the side, not crack.//   

       Ah, but crack will make you more friends.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 27 2006

       Why should hard working employees pay for the dubious priveledge of having space to do the job their paid for in the first place? Can't we just get paycheck kickbacks or deductions based on our selected office?   

       What happens to the newcomers when the only available office is the former "bosse's penthouse" and ends up paying more for the office than they make?   

       I can hear it now "Dad, I just got a new job, and I need some money to pay for my office until a cheaper one opens up..."
ye_river_xiv, Oct 27 2006


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