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Guitar hero jukebox

A jukebox with a screen that has a guitar hero controller attached
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I think that arcades and places like that should have something like this...

Most of you have seen a jukebox before, and most of you who've seen one have used on as well. Now, picture a jukebox with a medium sized screen on the front (the size of an average computer screen) and with a guitar-hero controller on the side, sitting on a rack. the screen is a touch screen and is therefore the controls you use to select a song. The guitar controller is the same as a normal guitar hero controller, except you can't just unplug it from the jukebox- it's attached like a laser gun is attached to an arcade shooter. On songs where you can use the guitar controller, a picture of a guitar with the words "grab the guitar and play the song" will be flashing on the screen, with an arrow pointing to where the guitar rack is.

The guitar rack has a switch that is pressed down when the guitar is in place. When the guitar is on the rack, it just plays the song just like a normal jukebox. But if the guitar is lifted off the stand while a song is playing that has a guitar or bass playing at some point in the song, the screen changes and looks like a normal guitar hero game. Once you pick it up, you must select via touchscreen whether you want to play guitar or bass. If only one is in the song, it will wait for you to press "Ready to play" on the touch screen. Once you've done that, you have to select easy, medium, hard or expert. After that, it plays just like any other version of guitar hero-press the buttons, and when the colored blobs match up with the circles, hit the strum-bar while holding the matching button to play the note. And yes, there'll still be star power!

It doesn't charge you extra to use the guitar, and you can put the guitar back on the stand at any time if you get tired of playing or if you're embarrased because you're playing badly, and the jukebox will carry on playing the song normally as if it wasn't part of guitar hero.

There's still a "rock meter" so that you know how well you're doing, but it won't stop playing the song if the meter goes all the way down-but you have to put the guitar back on the stand and take it back off to start playing again.

The jukebox would have the songs from all the versions of guitar hero, with all the guitar-hero programming, stored in an array of CDs just like a normal jukebox stores it's songs. To get more songs than just the ones that come with the original games, the songs that can be downloaded to computer versions of guitar hero, can be burned onto a CD-R with a special piece of software that comes with the jukebox. In other words, if you have any "extra" guitar hero tracks that you downloaded to your computer for guitar hero, you can use special software to burn them to a CD that's programmed for the jukebox.

Dickcheney6, Sep 04 2008


       Isn't what you've just described essentailly an arcade version of Guitar Hero? If so, Baked.
Gallus, Sep 04 2008

       So you boned this idea just because it's baked???
Dickcheney6, Sep 05 2008

       Sure, it's certainly not properly half-baked if it's fully-baked out in the real world, right?
Gallus, Sep 05 2008

       Here's how it works- It still functions like a normal guitar hero game- you HAVE to hit the notes at the right time in order for that note to play- if you miss, it makes the "pduum" noise that you get from the PS2 version. But, if you put the guitar back onto the rack, the jukebox will simply play the song normally. I know there's probably an arcade guitar game baked, but the idea here is to have a jukebox where it ONLY functions as a guitar hero game when the guitar is removed from the rack. the rack holds the guitar vertically, and has a simple, phone-hook type thing that tells the jukebox when the guitar is in use.
Dickcheney6, Sep 05 2008


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