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forced quit juke box

over ride option for pub jukebox
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for when that arse-hole puts THAT track on again, for the umpteenth time in as many minutes. you, for maybe twice the cost of a song can nullify their choice and retain your sanity.
the price structure would have to be delicately balanced so that people wouldnt stop every song, just ones that they really cant stand. the proceedings could go to charity so as not to make it such a negative action.
or in the half-bakery style, maybe the tracks to be played could appear on a screen and you can give them a croissant or fish bone. they only get played if neutral or positive?
chimpboy, Apr 06 2001


       This sort of thing is open to abuse, though. I've had people who wanted to hear the "same old, same old" pull the plug on the jukebox after I so thoughtfully ponied up my *own* *money* so that *they* could hear "The Witchdoctor Song" by Alvin and the Chipmunks.   

       Some people.
Uncle Nutsy, Apr 07 2001

       The idea is actually meant to prevent the plug from being pulled and find a more wholesome way to avoid Country and Western / Alvin and the boys.
chimpboy, Apr 24 2001

       "Lowest Common Denominator" music may be more damaging and painful than [PeterSealy]'s & [Uncle Nutsy]'s musically terrible but eclectic choices.
hippo, Apr 24 2001

       I have been in many pubs where the bar-keep has the ability to override songs. I imagine excessive tipping of the bar-keep might give you some influence in that respect.
Op, Apr 24 2001

       Load Windows on the things, that'll do it. "This jukebox has performed an illegal function and will be shut down."
Dog Ed, Apr 24 2001

       How about that John Cage record so you could pay your quarter or whatever and enjoy 4:33 minutes of silence.
...and I think that these days, multiple selections of the same track (a la Peter) only get one play.
angel, Apr 25 2001, last modified Apr 26 2001

       Hippo - good point, the LCD factor would be shite as you say, one look at the charts will confirm that. Maybe i should just take my headphones next time.
DogED - after repeatedly putting on Country and Western mouldy oldies - "this customer has performed an illegal function and will be put down"?
chimpboy, May 03 2001

       Similarly, a car radio that makes you (or the person riding shogun) pay for the privilege of operating the controls once. This thing is wide open to abuse as Mr. Whipple or some other salescritter type will make you pay for the privilege of turning down the volume on the infomercials for a few minutes when you're in your bed trying to sleep.
LoriZ, Jun 05 2001

       Of course, you can only ride shogun in a Suzuki Samurai...
bookworm, Jun 05 2001

       Just don't put THAT track in the jukebox to begin with...
ChadValiantJnr, Sep 10 2001

       I remember reading a text file on the internet that said to research what is the absolute worst song on the jukebox, and then put about $10 worth of plays of that song. It said a line about putting a jukebox "out of commission".   

       Ahhh I miss those not so savory text files, the times I read about the fecal lightbulb bomb or the crushed dried up sponge down the toilet.
Amishman35, Jan 15 2002

       "The idea is actually meant to prevent the plug from being pulled and find a more wholesome way to avoid Country and Western / Alvin and the boys."   

       Some ***holes will still pull the plug.
Dickcheney6, Oct 19 2008


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