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Personal NetAppliance, mp3, Linux, speech recognition. cable modem, DSL, wireless
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Aren't you fed up with managing 100++ CD, welll most of us geeks have them as mp3 anyway. But what really disturbs me is that I have to boot a PC and start an application just to listen to the mp3. And there is nothing like audio browser for all your mp3 which you can use while relaxing in a couch or sleeping in bed.

Now imagine the following. You have a simple, cheap, elegant dedicated device which is connected to the net 24/7 via cable modem or DSL, you put in your CD and it gets riipped and put on the server. Titles etc automatically downloaded from CDDB and now your music is available everywhere. At work over the net, at home and naturally in the car. When you car drives into the porch at home the autoPC automatically downloads your most listened mp3 into itself. You don't have to think an any longer ...oh the CD is in my car, in the office or at home. Its on the net.

How do browse music, well one way would be speech recognition, just say Bethoven piano concerto #4 ...and of its goes playing for you Betthoven. If you don't don't exactly what you want NetJukeBox can slowy help you converge to your chioce.

But you know what would be really cool is building NetJukeBox communities, where you can not only browse your own music but also music other people, your friends etc like and just discover new music/audio worlds.

shahid, Sep 07 1999

Empeg Car http://www.empeg.com
Linux-driven car MP3 player [jutta, Sep 07 1999]

MP3 Car Players http://www.mp3car.com
Other mobile MP3 car players, mostly PC based. With the advent of cheaper wireless ethernet for PCs on the way, how hard would it be to have cars swap tunes as they pass each other on the highway? [koz, Sep 07 1999, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Panja internet box http://www.buyapanja.com/panja1000.html
Makes streaming media on the net look like a A/V component. Doesn't rip, but you can do that yourself on your own (local) website and just point the panja to it. Doesn't do speech, either (yet). [rmutt, Sep 07 1999, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I think phones do all of this now, but a great idea nevertheless

And (belated) welcome to the Halfbakery!
hippo, Dec 07 2017


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