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"Grabber" Jukebox

All the fun of the fair, and music to boot
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The "Grabber" Jukebox mixes the fun fair game with the claw that you must mover about in order to get your prize with the music and goodtimes of a jukebox.

You put your money in the jukebox, and then, using your skill, use the claw to grab the hit single that you wan to hear. You then maneuver the claw with record over to the turntable and hit the big red button. This then intiates the normal sequence in a jukebox and the record begins to play. Its like having a fanfare once you've completeed your challenge, or a bit of fun before chiling out with the record of 3min silence.

So, add another dimension to your jukebox needs, using the "Grabber" Jukebox.

[ sctld ], Jul 28 2002

Ice Cream Vending Machine http://moniplex.com...mvendingmachine.jpg
A wonderful device not altogether different from your jukebox, especially since it occasionally drops the ice cream before delivering it. [DrCurry, Aug 13 2002]


       And if you miss, there's the horrifying prospect of having to listen to Boyzone or Brittney Spheres.. But is it worth the risk?
yamahito, Jul 28 2002

       You could also have one like the machine with platforms that slide forward and backward to push down one or more coins, except that it's loaded with single hits.
FarmerJohn, Jul 28 2002

       Is there a time limit? What happens if you fail to grab a record? Does the jukebox pick a random selection for you?
calum, Jul 28 2002


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