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Schrödinger's Golf Course

Apologies for the over use of Schrödinger's iconic idea - but there ya go
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This is exactly the same as a normal golf course except that the holes have a sloped turn at the bottom. There is no way of telling, by just looking, whether or not the ball is in the hole. You get the rest. (Just write a score of 36 on your card to split the difference then go to the clubhouse for drinks.)
AusCan531, May 31 2012


       Easy. Just use: DSolve[{-(h^2/2 m) psi''[x] + V[x] psi[x] == E psi[x], psi[-Infinity] == 0, psi[Infinity] == 0}, psi[x], x]
sqeaketh the wheel, May 31 2012

       Electric field or magnetic field... or just a shotgun start?
UnaBubba, May 31 2012

       Hell [sqeaketh], even golf is easier than that.
AusCan531, May 31 2012


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