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Gutter Gantry

Inspired by two hours on the roof, on an unseasonably warm February day
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In several decades of owning a home surrounded by trees, I've tried many ways to clean the gutters. Without having to climb a ladder, the two best I've found are gutter tongs and an attachment for a shop vac (links). But both put a heavy strain on my arms, shoulders, and back as I have to hold the things up to use them.

My solution would be to fit either of those to a movable support gantry. An arrangement of cables and levers would let me work them from the ground without having to support everything myself. This could be made as an attachment fitted to an existing a-frame step ladder, with wheels added to the legs so I can roll it into position alongside the house as I work.

This might not be practical if you can't place a simple rolling gantry close enough to the house or move it easily to reach all of the gutters. For those situations, there would be a version consisting of a stand that could be placed some distance away, with a powered, long articulated arm. This would let you work where you need to, while carefully avoiding the wife's precious and oh so fragile garden.

a1, Feb 04 2024

Tongs https://amazon.com/dp/B01MQX8OER
[a1, Feb 04 2024]

Vacuum https://amazon.com/dp/B01HTZHFF6
[a1, Feb 04 2024]

Composting-gutters a coule of annotations mention auger, archimedes screw [a1, Feb 04 2024]

K-Style gutters https://guttertex.c...K%2DStyle%20gutter.
[a1, Feb 04 2024]


       I never think about gutters but anyway if I was to think about them, then I might be inclined to think about fitting them with an Archimedes' screw that could be switched on via a remote control and convey all the muck etc to the downspout. (it may have been thought of before but too lazy to check)
xenzag, Feb 04 2024

       Yes, I've seen that suggestion here, most recently in the linked Composting Gutter idea. Pretty sure it's come up other times.   

       That might work but could need a purpose build gutter. Half-rounds might be adaptable but those are rare around here. My house has the more common K-style - and I'm stuck with cleaning them a few times a year.
a1, Feb 04 2024


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