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Gym Laundry

no need to carry your sweaty clothes around
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Have just been to the gym. Well, a good thrapage on the tennis court actually. As usual I now have a bag of sweaty shorts and t-shirt and socks that don't even bear thinking about.

I want a gym that has a laundry service for an end to the events when I take my kit bag and find to my distinct displeasure that I didn't take a clean kit, or just when I can't be arsed to carry two bags into work or back home. Will also help when one has forgotten to take clean knickers for afterwards (I really should just rename myself queen of knickers, shouldn't I). Leave your kit in your own personal locker and the service will come round, take them out, wash them, dry them, fold them and put them back. Can be washed in a load with everyone else's stuff (hurrah! a new lease of life for the name labels industry!), or for an extra premium you can have a private wash. (This extra premium will pay for the extra water and power, and will include a donation to an environmental organisation, in respect of the appalling waste of energy that a small wash load causes.)
lewisgirl, Sep 20 2001


       A more favourable option is to be a couch potato, then you don't have sweaty gym clothes to worry about in the first place!
sven3012, Sep 20 2001

       Don't make me post "The Naked Gym." You wouldn't want that to happen. Hell... *I* wouldn't want that to happen.
st3f, Sep 22 2001

       oh go on
po, Sep 22 2001

       [st3f] - I assume The Naked Gym would have no lighting, so as to preserve people's modesty?
hippo, Oct 23 2001

       LG such a practice exists in parts around here. One gym in SF would do the laundry for a fee, not sure exactly how. In college, we would be issued standard T-shirt and shorts by size and we would (for the most part) return them to the laundry afterwards. I also recall some places issuing us a humungous safety-pin with a number embossed on it. You skewer your socks, T-shirt and shorts (knickers too, if you got em) and toss it in. After, you collect everything that remains on the safety pin. Only drawback is rather large holes in your kit.
daruma, Oct 23 2001

       st3f, "Naked Gym" is redundant :) Main Entry: gym·na·si·um Etymology: Latin, exercise ground, school, from Greek gymnasion, from gymnazein to exercise naked, from gymnos naked -- more at NAKED Date: 1598
daruma, Oct 23 2001

       [...still waiting for st3f to post "Naked Gym"...]
hippo, Oct 24 2001

       (...and waiting...)
thumbwax, Mar 29 2002

       Totally baked. The fitness center attached to my old job gave you a bag with your locker number on it. at the end of the session, you threw your sweaty clothes in a mesh bag, and threw the bag in a bin. The next day, your clothes would be clean in your locker...
dbsousa, Jan 15 2003

       I just had this idea, although I envisaged it with a full function laundry/dry cleaners. You go to the gym and at the end of the week drop 5 work shirts into the front desk, they're ready to use one day at a time starting the next Monday. Rinse and repeat.
bs0u0155, Sep 06 2013

       Darn, no cogs, levers and complex articulations, just clean gears.
wjt, Sep 07 2013


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