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Live in a Third-World Country for a Year Camp

Live for a year as a native in a third world country! See how quickly you lose weight and become conscious of health and social justice issues !
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This is something I have been thinking for a while. I would say give or take a few demographics more than half of the US population is obese or overweight. This establishes the market for this idea.

Traditional health approaches often fail to keep people at a steady weight because after losing the weight people simply put it back on.

This is because a lifestyle change and more importantly an ingrained way of thinking about food and the way we ought to live has to change as well, but how can that happen in our consumer oriented culture?

That's where the "Live in a Third-World Country for a Year Camp" comes in or by it's more marketable name "LWY Camp". This would be set in a country with significant economic and food shortage problems.The Camp would be modelled as a village and placed in a community of "real" villages occupied by "real" villagers. The "Campers" would be set to living on subsistence farms among "real" third world communities in other-words.

In actuality the "other" villagers would be hired by the company that set the camp up and would simulate a real third world experience. How is all this elaboration possible, you ask?

By the exorborant fees the campers pay to attend this camp for a year ofcourse.

Ofcourse, the campers and by extension the simulated villagers inside the camp would not be subject to any real danger such as war, locusts, famine, dirty water, etc.

The whole thing would be enclosed in wiremesh fence with guard towers placed intermittently around the border to prevent thieves from breaking in An agreement with the local government would heighten the security level. As far as people in the country would know the whole camp/village site would be some sprawling government military installation or something. There would also be secret stores of extra food in case the crop was bad that year or something.

The campers would have no access to the internet or TV. They would have telephone access but no telephone of their own. Their telephone access is restricted to one call per week. They would not be allowed to have any American money on them when they come over, but if they have an entrepreneurial spirit they might be able to make a few rupees on the side or whatever the currency in the native country is that they are stationed on by selling hand made goods or surplus grain at the market.

The Social Justice aspect comes in as these campers would be forced to interact with people of differant cultures because of their circumstances. They would be encouraged by their "chief" or camp director to start projects aimed at allieving suffering of the people in the country they are stationed in.

This would be beneficial for the US and the the other country, as it would help international ralations. Perhaps that would open the gate for federal funding of some of the campers to attend if they cannot afford the fee.

Do I hear "Affirmative Action"?


wimp35, Apr 23 2005

Reading material http://www.juvalamu.com/qmarks/
[gnomethang, Apr 23 2005]


       Saying "yes" to this makes me way too uncomfortable.
reensure, Apr 23 2005

       So you been to school
For a year or two
And you know you've seen it all
In daddy's car
Thinkin' you'll go far
Back east your type don't crawl

       Play ethnicky jazz to parade your snazz
On your five grand stereo
Braggin that you know how the niggers feel cold
And the slums got so much soul

       It's time to taste what you most fear
Right Guard will not help you here
Brace yourself, my dear ........

       Pol Pot!   

       Seems like a "Really Good" idea
gnomethang, Apr 23 2005

       thanks for the comments people really appreciate it. but gimme some croissants or fishbones so I know how I'm doing!   

       (I'm thick-skinned)
wimp35, Apr 23 2005

       "In actuality the "other" villagers would be hired by the company that set the camp up and would simulate a real third world experience."   

       Nah. Trite. Egotistical. Likely to inspire a host of "me too"s for all the wrong reasons. Partially baked by excellent shows like The Great Race.   

       I'll bun your spirit of community if you edit away the glitzy pretense and base the idea on merit, such as the camp being hosted by the village whose child came forward the winner of a UN-sponsored poster contest or talent exhibition.
reensure, Apr 24 2005

       It may now be even more than 50% obesity in many parts of the US but many other non-third world countries are catching up, particularly inthe children's populations.   

       I wonder why. It seems to be happening with such speed. It doesn't seem to me to be strongly tied to affluent peoples as a sizeable percentage of the obesity in the US is amongst the very low income populace. Of course, compared to true third world conditions, even much of the poverty stricken in the US seem affluent.   

       Anyone know what countries are considered "second-world?"
bristolz, Apr 24 2005

       //but many other non-third world countries are catching up, particularly inthe children's populations.//   

       Noticeable in Thailand, I think due to the rapid cultural change over the last 20 years or so. For example, mostly American fast food, soft drinks, junk food are now commonplace (the latter two at school). In some cases, it is regarded as a demonstration of affluence.   

       Sad to see.   

       Wimp35 should choose his third world countries carefully.
Ling, Apr 24 2005

       [Ling], I don't believe for a moment "American fast food" is even remotely close to a staple in Thailand. The influence is exaggerated.   

       I do think, though, that soft drinks play a large role in the worldwide increase in obesity. I don't have proof of that, it's just a suspicion.
bristolz, Apr 24 2005

       for the "living in a third world country for a year and experiencing life from the other side" aspect, join the Peace Corps. for the rest of it, fishbone.
ato_de, Apr 24 2005

       [second world] refers to countries with developing but difficult economies, often former Soviet block countries, or South or Central America, Indonesia, perhaps China and in some places India, although those would be more like 1st / 3rd splits. Many island nations that exist off mostly of tourism.   

       Might be interesting to do some correlation studies; cars per capita would correlate strongly, I think.
RayfordSteele, Apr 24 2005

       I thought it was old world, new world, third world or perhaps that's something different.   

       //Many island nations that exist off mostly of tourism.// sounds familiar.
po, Apr 24 2005

       Third world = any country offering hope for a better attitude.
reensure, Apr 24 2005

       So, the benefit to the third world countries is simply more empathy? Why not cut out the middle-man, and give money to overseas development organisation.
sp. errr, where to start? Bone.
TolpuddleSartre, Apr 24 2005

       [bristolz] The influence is exaggerated for those that frequently indulge.   

       The franchises are mostly found in shopping malls, so are concentrated in the more affluent areas. Except for 7-11's which are found everywhere.
Ling, Apr 24 2005

       //See how quickly you lose weight// Ha ha, very funny.   

       Man, this idea is wrong in so many ways. It had to come from someone who has no real "third world" experience.
Pericles, Apr 25 2005

       wow. thanks for taking note! I am really statrting to feel a part of this online community!   

       ::smelling of fishbones::   

       But hey I had a question guys. Do any of you actually ake these ideas into the real world and try them out? I mean some of them seem like they could help and generate alotta loot. Please let me know!   

       Also what does this term "baked" mean?
wimp35, Apr 25 2005

       I've still got the hulliballoon in the garage. Damn thing went the wrong way & I was hours late for work.
"baked" means that someone thinks the Idea has already been put into play. (I guess my previous anno was deleted. no worries. I was sober when I posted that. Out of character for me.)
Zimmy, Apr 25 2005

       As this site is for halfbaked ideas - or ideas that still need work, there are also baked ideas. An idea that has been turned into a product or general thing are considered baked. Being baked and "widely known to exist" is a reason for marking an idea for deletion - there are enough ideas here already without trying to encompass everything that exists.   

       When I read the title I thought this would actually be a good idea. I'd love to find a way to have a Peace Corps experience without losing my job or house when I come back.   

       [bristolz] Go into the big cheap grocery stores (generally named something along the lines of "Save-U-More", etc.). Look at about any product's calorie and fat content. The cheapest foods are filled with fat and sugar. Hydrogenated oils and sugars allow food to sit on shelves for months. In the last one of these I went into there was a 5 gallon tub of ice cream on sale for $1.99. My guess is that similar products are being found in 3rd world countries. Now, I also don't have proof that this is the reason, but it certainly seems like a (the?) reason to me.
Worldgineer, Apr 25 2005

       Go into ANY grocery store & try and find things you normally buy without partially hydrogenated oils.
Partially Hydrogenated is not considered good for you. (from what I've read).
Zimmy, Apr 25 2005

       I agree, but the levels in cheap food are especially bad. If you really want healthy you'll likely have to pay double or triple.   

       I actually try to live without eating any hydrogenated oils, and it's quite difficult and expensive to do these days.
Worldgineer, Apr 25 2005


       Not sure what you mean. Please tell me how to get rid of the "glitzy pretense" and whatnot =)
wimp35, Apr 25 2005

       [Worldgineer] , [Zimmy]   

       Thanks for the heads up regarding what's baked.   

       I must say I abolsolutely love this site, (despite my rapid accumulation of fishbones) and I really see some potential here, not only for business, but also for humanitarian purposes.
wimp35, Apr 25 2005

       Triscuit Roasted Garlic w/ my added slices of smoked gouda, mmmh my little slice of heaven. (no hydrogenated oils).
Zimmy, Apr 25 2005

       ]gnomethang[ black flag? Sex Pistols? I was not really in the groove then.
Zimmy, Apr 25 2005

       <talks quietly to camera> and can it be, yes, I think it might be, I do believe that's a lesser spotted Pericles, seen on the halfbakery for the first time in quite a while...</tqtc>
david_scothern, Apr 25 2005

wimp35, Apr 25 2005

       hey, I never knew I could vote for my own idea =)   

       I've got 'my' vote!
wimp35, Apr 25 2005

       //The Social Justice aspect comes in as these campers would be forced to interact with people of differant cultures because of their circumstances.//
Please explain 'justice' in this context.
angel, Apr 25 2005

       explain "justice" in this context, eh?   


       please wait here for just one moment.   

       ::runs away::
wimp35, Apr 25 2005

       Couldn't this idea simply be called "Peace Corps" or "Missionary work"?   

Giblet, Apr 25 2005

       Interesting concept. Morally appalling, of course, but when has that ever stopped anything? I have no experience of either the US or the third world, but it's my understanding that Americans generally are woefully ignorant of events outside their own borders. Might that not also extend to exactly how bad poverty, starvation and constant civil war can make life? But this... is a theme park. It's never going to come close. what ato_de said.
moomintroll, Apr 25 2005

       I'm just tuckered that so many of you have chosen to respond!   

       Now for my next idea..."cheesy-curly toe deep frier"   

wimp35, Apr 25 2005

       Ok, I will defend my idea but not right now! Have meetings etc..
wimp35, Apr 25 2005

       I lived in countries other than the US and I really don't think folks here in the US are any less aware of the global going's on than the folks in most other countries. I encountered people--otherwise erudite--in Denmark who thought every highway in the US was a toll road and that people still regularly used horses for daily transportation here in Seattle.
bristolz, Apr 25 2005

       [wimp35] You may edit the Summary: or the Description: of your idea. "Glitzy pretense" is any hint that those empowered to spend exorbitant amounts of money on this will think it is to be desired, or that it is suitable to correct the social errs of their own. I think that hiring fake villagers and erecting barbed wire compounds sends the wrong message. I also think that the model (You won't die from this but you'll likely suffer to your limit) is undesirable.
reensure, Apr 25 2005

       This could be replaced with the "Acquire an exotic flu" diet.
SpocksEyebrow, May 06 2005

       //My guess is that similar products are being found in 3rd world countries//   

       yes, but it doesn't change the fact that the staple diets of the world's poorest people is generally locally grown produce straight from the ground, rice, beans, veg, fruit, etc   

       that's how you avoid hydrogenated ingredients.   

       and, yes, i agree, soft drinks are definately largely responsible for much of the world's obesity.   

       my brother started drinking several cans of coke a day when we moved to live over my parent's restaurant, although his general diet (organic, veganish style restaurant) was excellent. he got very fat very quickly.   

       this went on for a few years, then he went to australia to live with my aunt, who banned soft drinks, lost the weight almost over night.   

       Doug Ivestor, director at the cocacola company pledged to make coke available to all people at all times. and, for the most part, it is. Coke recieved a huge push about 20years ago, the cocacola company peaked in sales about that time. Same time obesity began to get out of control.   


       i'm sure fast food isn't good for you either, but i suggest being more suspicious of the drink that normally accompanies said meal when finger pointing.
daaisy, Oct 27 2005

       There's a reason why people from the Third World want to come to America and not the other way around.
thebigo195, Oct 28 2005

       Yeah, most I have talked to have a reason; but based on restricted knowledge.
Ling, Oct 28 2005

       Why are you locking everyone up behind guard towers and barbed wire? If you're living in poverty you won't have much to defend...
wagster, Oct 28 2005


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