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Lean & Clean!

Shed unwanted pounds and clean your clothes... AT THE SAME TIME!
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Health clubs seem to me to be a huge, untapped source of energy. I mean, here are all these people trudging away on treadmills and exercycles all day and night all over the globe. But nobody's harnessing the energy. And laundromats represent a giant energy sink. So what about a global chain of laundromat/gyms where each exercise machine is hooked up to a washer? You throw your load in and climb on the rack and ride until your garments are clean. Every time you're tempted to flag, the sight of your favorite shorts whirling in the suds enlivens you. The reasonable thing would be for proprietors to charge less than a regular laundromat charges per load, since users would be supplying part of the power to run the machines, but why should the proprietors be reasonable? Why should not Lean & Clean! proprietors charge the same amount or more for both laundry and gym services given the novelty and simple convenience inherent in the Lean & Clean! concept? At Lean & Clean! you can do your two most repellent chores at once!
Tyler!Brianna!, Nov 07 2001

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phoenix, Nov 07 2001

       Between untangling velcro closures and lint picking I get plenty of exercise at the ol duds and suds, t'ank ya very much.
reensure, Nov 08 2001

       You could be shrewd about it and put the two establishments next door to each other but pretend that they aren't connected.
stupop, Nov 08 2001

       Slogan: "If you got time to be lean, you got time to clean."
pottedstu, Nov 08 2001

       Been treading my laundry in the bath for years. Who needs machines? Not only am I fit, I've got the cleanest feet in our street.
Mygo, Nov 09 2001

       Still a good idea
hippo, Nov 07 2018


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