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Jungle Gym

Harness the power of nature!
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This is a gymnasium in which animals provide the workout for you. Instead of dodgeball, I think a much more spirited, vigorous workout could be had if the object was to dodge dung flung by chimpanzees. Rather than pulling against stationary weights for strength training, tug-of-war with Great Danes, Rottweilers, Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds provides a more engaging, entertaining workout.

Try to catch the spider monkey that stole your keys or cellphone in the simulated jungle section which consists of nothing but hundreds of ropes hanging above an olympic-size swimming pool. If you fall in, try to avoid being dragged under by the trained dolphins. For the truly tough guys out there, there's wrestling with gorillas.

In the mood for a nice run, but lack motivation? No problem! Being sprayed with chicken blood and chased by a pair of Dobermans ought to provide all the motivation you need. Or are you more in the mood for a relaxing, zen-like experience? Let the sloths be your guide to dangling in tranquility...

21 Quest, May 17 2009

Along the same lines as... http://www.halfbake...20Leopard_20Commute
[FlyingToaster, May 18 2009]


       I like this idea. Gyms are just too boring. Having an actual goal (like living through the session) would be a helpful motivator. And I would have fun chasing a monkey that stole my keys.
DIYMatt, May 17 2009

       But not in a controlled environment for the purpose of exercise, which is why the summary bar says "Harness the power of nature".
21 Quest, May 18 2009

       The description could be a script for a new /City Slickers/ sequel
skegger, May 18 2009

       Being disembowelled is one way to lose weight, I suppose.
hippo, May 18 2009

       A pound of flesh, no more, no less.
21 Quest, May 18 2009

       cute + but I would also like to see some *jungle* environment, like palm trees, exotic plants and waterfalls!
xandram, May 18 2009

       No gorillas, please. Like chimps, they fight dirty. It's almost like pancration.
shapu, May 18 2009

       Of course it would have a jungle theme, Xan. Complete with custard pits simulating quicksand.
21 Quest, May 18 2009

       Stop it now.
You're panicking the Sloths.

       Very similar principle, FT, on a grander scale and in a controlled environment with more variety.
21 Quest, May 18 2009


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