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Gym Library

Work-out the mind, body and soul.
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For many people gymnasiums are a part of normal life. This means that you spend a lot of time using up energy to satisfy guilt for eating. (Others may have other reasons, I really don't know). However most, if not all gym equipment involves you staying in roughly the same place, with little to do but to concentrate on working out.

The gym library would allow the patron to select a book to read while exercising. All equipment would have a stand for reading located at an easy to see and reach place. The stand would be much like a music stand, but would be attached to the equipment itself. As few pieces of equipment need the use of both hands at all times, it wouldn't be a problem to occasionally change the page.

This wouldn't work when benchpressing weights because of the angle at which one lies but I can't think of any other pieces of gym equipment it wouldn't work for.

I am also debating whether you would be able to borrow a book from the library if you liked it, or if you would have to return it at the end of your work-out, as an incentive to return often.

hidden truths, Jul 09 2005


       Go to the public library, get audio books. Use in portable tape or CD player, or convert to MP3. Get sweat-proof headset. When benchpressing, listen to book, lie back and think of England.
baconbrain, Jul 09 2005

       Another word of explanation: While writing the note above, I was thinking of my favorite audio books, most of which are set in England, and considering the position of a benchpressing person. Somehow, all that combined to recall the advice once given to a young bride on what to do on her wedding night: "Lie back and think of England."
baconbrain, Jul 11 2005

       [Mea culpa - thought it meant something else - should spend more time in the gym!]
DrCurry, Jul 11 2005

       I see people reading on the tread mill, the stationary bikes, the step thingy, but never on the bench. I think when they are 'lifting' they are concentrating on not killing themselves.
dentworth, Jul 11 2005

       What about birdstrike ?
normzone, Feb 28 2018


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