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Flight Sim Gym

Try not to die and get a workout at the same time.
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I never go to the gym. As I'm lifting weights, or using a machine, or running on a treadmill my mind is consumed by hatred for the present and I can think of nothing but leaving the gym.

Flight simulators, however, are lots of fun. Today as I was fighting a runaway aileron trim and holding back 70lbs of force on the control wheel with my forearms, it occurred to me that about an hour of that would be better than a trip to the gym. Rather than just deal with flight control failures all the time the Sim Gym could include sims for aircraft types with unusually high control forces.

A session would consist of something like: follow the instruments to each waypoint and altitude for 30 minutes, don't crash. Different profiles could be created to workout different muscles of the arms, and the legs with the rudder pedals.

DIYMatt, Jun 28 2015


       AS opposed to Fight Slim Jim s ?
popbottle, Jun 28 2015

       Why not a VR gym where you can fly with real wings (for air resistance) in simulated microgravity?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 28 2015


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