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Gyro-siren is gyroscope toy that incorporates the blades and slots which enable a mechanical siren to make its distinctive wailing sound.

Interchangeable parts allow a variety of sounds to be created, but the principle remains the same. ie wrap a length of string around a central spindle and pull it free to activate the rapid rotation. The noise is then generated by air that is being compressed by the heavy rotating gyro disk, also acting as an impeller. The vanes which allow the compressed/ released air to escape creating the siren sound are built into the perimeter of the gyro.

for a simple explanation of how a gyro works see link.

xenzag, Feb 23 2012

http://uk.answers.y...081009142715AA22CcK [xenzag, Feb 23 2012]


       A gyro sort-of has a purpose of spinning as long as possible, which means you don't normally want to add anything to it that will extract energy from it and slow it down quickly.   

       If you don't care about that, then this will work, but not for any significant length of time.
Vernon, Feb 23 2012

       And if you make a toy which is intended to make a siren noise, all the mothers in the world will have your head on a platter.
Psalm_97, Feb 23 2012

       I think you mean _another_ toy that makes a siren noise. There are too many already.
Alterother, Feb 23 2012

       Had hoped this was going to be an idea for a tasty meat and tzatziki pitta sandwich eaten with a mythical sea enchantress. Disappointed.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 23 2012


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