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Hot water feet warmer for the office
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Cold feet bother me a lot. At home I never have this problem but in the office this is a real cause of discomfort.

A solution could be something similar to a warm water bottle. It would be shaped as a foot stand having two indentations with the shape and size of your boots or shoes. This foot stand would be hollow and have thermal insulation everywhere except in the foot shaped indentations. It would have an internal resistance, a thermostat and could be filled with warm water. The internal resistance would then keep the water warm (adjustable temperature between 26º and 30º Celsius) and the heat would be radiated through the sole shaped indentations only. This mass of water would keep the temperature longer and would help save on electricity bills.

To improve the efficiency of the product, it would be placed inside an open-top box thus creating a more stable temperature around the feet.

This would be like a portable/personal version of the radiant floor heating.

PauloSargaco, Jan 14 2009


       So you plug this in?
Spacecoyote, Jan 14 2009

       [Spacecoyote] You connect it to the mains, yes. But hopefully it would not consume too much electricity since the water would be maintained at a relatively low temperature. Something between 26 to 30 degrees Celsius. I'm adding that to the description.
PauloSargaco, Jan 15 2009

       [Ian] I am experimenting with one open-top box in each foot. Preliminary results suggest the situation improves albeit without providing 100% satisfaction. This leads me to further improvement on the description of the H2OfficeWarmer.   

       Anyway, thanks for your idea. You provided me with a clear and immediate improvement on my working conditions.
PauloSargaco, Jan 15 2009


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