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Mechanical Redialer

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The mechanical redailer is a fully adjustable brushed stainless steel contraption that fixes itself over your phone keypad. The top of the redailer houses a similar keypad. Beneath, a series of programmable telescopic legs with rubber wellies on their feet make contact with your phone buttons. The redailer remembers which numbers you have pressed and, when one of the redial buttons is pressed, the visible legs dance over the keypad, entering the number. A protruding "hang up" foot is also available for when you get the busy signal.

The mechanical redailer has a programmable memory for up to plenty many numbers.

Also available, the slightly more complex, shiny black bakelite "human fingers" version for Humphrey Bogart-types who still rock circular dial phones.

calum, Oct 04 2004

Mechanical Cellphone Answering Solenoid http://www.bayliner...7/CellphoneSolenoid
similar [csea, Jan 19 2009]


       I'll give this a + just for the wellies and plenty many numbers.
oneoffdave, Oct 05 2004

       Plenty good.
FarmerJohn, Oct 05 2004

       I suppose the wellies could be replaced for with more appropriate footwear for different regions.
calum, Oct 06 2004

       Illustration, please!
salachair, Oct 06 2004

       It's funny, but brings up what I believe could be a pertinent question...why?
PauloSargaco, Jan 19 2009

       I remember reading somewhere that many years ago Westinghouse made a stationary phone answering robot that was the basis for their future robots, i.e. the famous Elektro.
Spacecoyote, Jan 19 2009

       One of my "back burner" projects is to build a fixture to answer a cellphone mechanically [link].   

       The ultimate goal is to build a remote monitoring system for the boat - dial the number of the spare cellphone (family plan) and have it answer and respond to codes to measure temperatures, battery charge, and control lights / engine block heaters, etc.   

       I found that the section of toothbrush has the right compliance and "rubber welly" to serve as a robotic finger. Note the 4-contact headphone connector. I built a DTMF transciever from a kit to serve as the data modem.
csea, Jan 19 2009


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