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Half-Bakery Agent
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"We don't say 'half-baked idea.' We prefer the term 'brown 'n serve initiative.'"

You are a veritable fount of marvelous half-baked ideas. Out of a sense of altruism for your fellow man, you meticulously log each of these grand schemes on halfbakery.com. But this can be tedious, and consumes valuable time which could be better spent concocting new half-baked ideas.

You need a Half-Bakery Agent (HBA). Your HBA would instantly grasp your brilliant machinations after just a moment or two of conversation, and would already be transcribing your master plan to the halfbakery.com community before you hung up the phone.

The HBA would also handle follow-up replies, rebuttals, retorts and requests for clarification to or from other halfbakery.com entheusiasts who either don't understand your idea, or just wish they'd thought of it.

They'll also wish they had an HBA.

dijontoothpaste, Apr 22 2003


       Compensation, good question. Since most half-baked ideas--scuze, brown 'n serve initiatives--don't actually pay any money, I suppose compensation would have to take the form of credit for some of the ideas. The absent-minded genius could weigh each idea with points, and the HBA would be compensated in idea point options. When the HBA sees an idea for which he/she would like to take the credit, the options may be exercised, and the HBA would sumbit the idea under his or her own name.   

       It's a valuable service. I myself would be prepared to offer 15% (bear in mind that I would then have to subsist on the least impressive 85% of my ideas).
dijontoothpaste, Apr 22 2003

       and this is your first - ahh bless!
po, Apr 22 2003

       Well, actually, it wasn't my idea...
dijontoothpaste, Apr 22 2003

       so you are an HBA?
po, Apr 22 2003

       Not exactly. I am the idea of an HBA (not as yet implimented).
dijontoothpaste, Apr 22 2003

       //Well, actually, it wasn't my idea...//

*wipes tear from eye and gives a criossant*
ato_de, Apr 22 2003


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