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Text ideas on the move
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My idea is quite simple - basically it involves being given a number when you first login - this will enable you to text your half baked ideas to HB when you are far from a computer - which for me is a lot of the time - also most of my ideas are formed in the pub or in bars at the weekend and have been forgotten by monday - mmmmmmm drunken texting
bigkingchay, Dec 17 2001

HalfBakery to go http://www.halfbake...0to_20go#1008566172
My solution [phoenix, Dec 17 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I think if you're forming halfbaked ideas in the pub, you're probably wiser to text them to your own email address or make a note of the idea on your mobile. I did that on Saturday with Celeb Buskers. That way, when you are indoors/sober you will judge more accurately whether it is worth posting, and you can make use of more extended features like category selection and getting your line breaks in the right places. Otherwise we will end up with lots of rambling drunken halfassed nonideas all dumped in Other: general. Fishy to that.
lewisgirl, Dec 17 2001

       yes you're probably right - pen and paper it is then
bigkingchay, Dec 17 2001

       I sympathise with bigkingchay. I'm a great fan of drunken texting and, thru the miracle of WAP, drunken emailing (see the Inglybinglydingly mailing list), but I always take way more than 160 characters for my ideas, so this text line wouldn't be good. Also, how're you supposed to pick a category? And you should search the 1/2B and do a quick google before you post also.
pottedstu, Dec 17 2001

       yeah, right. You'd bother with that when you're pissed? How much per minute does your WAP cost?!
lewisgirl, Dec 17 2001

       perhaps this idea could be amended so that there is a love site or service - so that instead of drunk texting girls or boys that you fancy and forgetting what you've said it just goes to a place where no one ever sees it thus saving everyone lots of embarrasment?
bigkingchay, Dec 17 2001

       Is [bigkingchay] an elder relative of [king chay]?   

       (Errant 'n' removed, thanks for pointing it out [lg].) ((Further investigation: it looks like King Chay may in fact have 3 accounts: [bigkingchay], [kingchay] and [king chay].))
cp, Dec 17 2001

       no, it's his cousin crosby.

(((sorry, it's just that there's an errant 'n' in there, [cp])))
lewisgirl, Dec 17 2001

       actually he's the same but I couldn't login under kingchay so bigkingchay it had to be!
bigkingchay, Dec 17 2001

       how do I delete my alter egos?
bigkingchay, Dec 17 2001

       You're better off sending email to bakesperson@halfbakery.com and tell them "I tried to log in, but I've forgotten my password, can you please reset it to <X> or give me a hint about what it is, because otherwise I will artificially inflate your user database with dead accounts, and I know how much you hate that."   

       Don't SMS text messages (this is what this is about, right? My European is a little rusty) carry a sender ID as part of the protocol? I don't think you need to be "given a number", you already have it.   

       There should be generic user-configurable SMS-web gateways where a person can define "When I send you xyz-foo, it means that you should do a POST/GET/... request on the URL-and-contents abc-foo."
jutta, Dec 17 2001

       jutta: there are text message-to-email gateways, that receive a text message and send it as an email to a specified address, and email to SMS services and SMS<->ICQ gateways. But the puny SMS length limit of 160 characters means that receiving even the smallest web page would take dozens of messages. Some URLs I visit wouldn't fit in an SMS message.
pottedstu, Dec 17 2001


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