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bun or bone in public

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There exist numerous forms of non-digital ideas. Art, bulletin boards and public restroom graffiti and is often brilliant and unseen to the masses. My idea here is to create gateways for the authors to find the halfbakery and start sharing their ideas here. In some form, maybe paper or plush toy, create croissants and fishbones that stick to adjacent surfaces to the idea you stumble upon. Said form would have a QR code that directs to you to the halfbakerys main page.
evilpenguin, Nov 26 2012


       A friend of mine is an art director and his company made giant *like* buttons to install in places like subway stations, banks, etc.
xandram, Nov 26 2012

       With a scissors you should be able to transform those into giant *lick* buttons. Because no-one likes a lack of licking.
bungston, Nov 27 2012

       Hmmm, I think the bakery is good because it is not Facebook. Not sure if a bun could be compared to a like.
evilpenguin, Nov 27 2012


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