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human car wash

cars have car washes
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have you ever taken your car to a car wash?it has to drive through it ,but maybe on the human version the people could walk,anyway it is taller and thinner . there would have to be some sort of drying mechanism [maybe hot air currents] since humans dont like walking around wet
technobadger, May 26 2001

Half-baked... http://colitz.com/s...483572/3483572a.htm
From the Wacky Patent of the Month... [StarChaser, May 26 2001]

...and baked... http://www.prologue...k/angel/shower.html
...but no harness. From Daily Mail, July 6. [angel, May 26 2001]

Mutts to You http://members.aol..../35mutts_to_you.htm
The Three Stooges, professional dog washers [LoriZ, May 26 2001]


       so, a walk-through shower then? maybe used in school locker rooms?
wiml, May 27 2001

       When I was a kid, I always wanted something like this...like a portal in Gauntlet: down and dirty, you'd walk through a door and be clean on the other side. Nevertheless, I wish you good luck as this is a tough one to get out of WIBNI land.
iuvare, May 27 2001

       ivuare: why is it wibni? just a car wash,but smaller
technobadger, May 27 2001

       <Was going to put this as the link text, but this single sentence is e-freakin-normous...>   

       "An automated bathing system or faculty adapted for use in bathing large numbers of patients or persons in standing position by which the patients are suspended by means of a harness from an overhead rail and are moved along a conveyor belt floor past a wetting station, a soaping station, a rinsing station and finally into a drying station where the patient is air dried still in standing position and is readied for redressing under conditions that minimize the danger of infirm or mentally incapacitated injuring themselves or others by struggling during the bathing procedure and that provide improved sanitation in that all steps of the bathing procedure are accomplished with the patient in a standing position such that wash cloths and towels are not needed."
StarChaser, May 27 2001

       The patent is for real. Whether anyone has actually BUILT one, I don't know...That website has lots of crazy patents, like the centrifugal birth assister I posted somewhere else...
StarChaser, May 28 2001

       And that, my friend, was a hoot.
thumbwax, May 28 2001

panthaz paradise, May 28 2001


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