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Hair fiber optics

when dyeing is just not enough
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Hair is one of the most expressive areas on our bodies. Just look at all those colors, length and shapes out there. But that is passe as dye, scissors and combs were available to us for a while. We are now entering the third millenium and it's time we updated the hair styling options.

Introducing fiber extensions for the hair. We've all seen the "chia" fiber light porcupines in the mall. Same idea, only they could be worn with a very small power source implanted in the scalp. Yeah it hurts, but so do all great fashion ventures.

fleasting, Nov 21 2000

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       shoot. darn misreads. I thought it said "HIGH fiber optics" ... bandwidth to spare, AND regularity!
absterge, Nov 21 2000

       A fiberoptic wig, I suppose, would be more plausible.
imagooAJ, Nov 21 2000

       The AI hairpiece said: "It started growing after I had my roots straightened, now it presumes to care for me"
reensure, Nov 22 2000

       To save Jutta having to find all of them, you should use the '[link]' link beneath the original idea to post URL's. It keeps long ones from cluttering the annotations, and makes them clickable.
StarChaser, May 27 2001

       I do believe this idea has been done (but it was kind of a weave thing instead of actually implanting things into your scalp). I'd bet money some little girl at Walt Disney World has already made her hair glow in one way or another.
ichinichi, Jun 12 2001


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