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Moustache of Terror

amongst the most deadly of facial wear
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This looks very much like a normal moustache - but beware - for it is also deadly! Beneath the simulated hairs is a metal throwing knife with sharpened edges that could slice your ears off - just like that! Mounted carefully on the upper lips of gentlemen terrorists they can be armed and ready for tossing in your general direction at a moments notice!
benfrost, Jan 21 2006


       almost as fearsome as Sideburn Shurikens!
benfrost, Jan 21 2006

       Order now and get the Chestwig of Doom absolutely free!
hippo, Jan 21 2006

       Pay by credit card and we'll also send you the ultimate RPG hidden in some bum fluff.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 21 2006

       I recently had to shave off my moustache for something. I'm growing it back as fast as I can. Which isn't fast enough.
DesertFox, Jan 22 2006

       What did you get for it?   

       or even Mouse-tache of Terror   

       Replace your moustache with a savage mouse, that lies dormant across your upper lip, ready to leap unto the face of any opponent, who makes the mistake of venturing too close. Like the belly, facial hair affords much potential opportunity for dubious wit and wisdom. +
xenzag, Jan 22 2006

       Beware the dinglebayonet.
thumbwax, Jan 23 2006

       Beware the combover crossbow.
reensure, Jan 23 2006

       I hoped to god that I would never hear or see the word "merkin" after the incident two years ago. But I come here, and it all just comes flooding back...the same cold pain, the same stabbing fear... oh god... why are merkins so gross?
notmarkflynn, Jan 23 2006

       Did we ever resolve the question of whether it is responsible to bun purely on the strength of the name of an idea? [+]
DocBrown, Jan 23 2006

       Okay, but I'm going to take 4 hours to tell it, just like "Max Payne."   

       I can always feel my memory like a black whole inide my chest, constantly drawing in, never letting me forget the pain that feels like an ice pick slowly making its way into my spine... I wish you were back, I wish I could feel you breathing, but that merkin stole you from me. Wishes. One by one, wishes just add more darkness to that black hole.
notmarkflynn, Jan 24 2006

       This gets a croissant for "gentleman trerrorists." Nicely Samandmaxian.
calum, Jan 24 2006


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