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Half-baker of the Year

For 2001.
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I nominate [futurebird].
globaltourniquet, May 19 2002

Halfbaked Award Shirt http://www.halfbake...ked_20Award_20Shirt
I'm sure there was an idea for Halfbakery awards (in various categories), but this is the closest idea left on the site. [pottedstu, May 20 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       It's about the ideas, not the users. Mostly, anyway.
bristolz, May 19 2002


       And the Olympics are about sports, not politics.
globaltourniquet, May 19 2002


       I'm just so damn impressed with her ability to come in here and speak her piece with a humility I could only hope to muster and get nothing but positive response, all the while deserving it wholly.   

       If plussed is a word, I'm it.
globaltourniquet, May 19 2002

       Oh, don't get me wrong, I agree with your assessment and sentiment. I just don't think a halfbaker of the year dealy-bob is such a great plan (and I think the Olympics are about sports--unfortunately polluted by politics).
bristolz, May 19 2002

       A man's soul moves at the speed of a camel across the desert.
thumbwax, May 19 2002

       Sure - why not. Though I was likely a/the reason he'd gotten weary of the bakery to begin with, I emailed GT a month or so ago to encourage returning to the bakery.
thumbwax, May 19 2002

       OK Olympics may be about sports and politically poluted. I grant that.   

       But let's face it. We're all here trying to impress each other. I shudder for the day a Half-bakers' convention is really organized (what ever happened to Susen and her upstate NY ranch, anyways?). Well, anyway, I know I'm going when it happens....
globaltourniquet, May 19 2002

       Okay, you've sucked me into this one.   

       For me it is not about impressing one another. Oh, sure, I cannot deny that that goes on here; one can have their ego stroked (or crushed) at the HB. Yup. And there is no denying that I _like_ the people who write here. It's a charming bunch of people and it's magical to me that they are flung across the world.   

       But, it is the ideas and humor and especially the great links that get posted here, that keep me coming back. People here often go out of their way to research and post links. Sometimes amazing, wonderful links. A real education is to be had.   

       So, while [futurebird] impresses the heck out of me, I'd rather have a link of the year award.
bristolz, May 19 2002

       Wonderful idea, Bristolz...(Admittedly, just one of your many)...But with the year almost half gone and Peter Sealy (King of Links, in the recent past) in "abstentia", how shall we post this newest 1/2Bakery Challenge for the "Link of The Year Award"?   

       For the record, as much as I've come to enjoy the abilities of individual Bakers to flake the dough, sweeten the filling, crisp the latticed crust, or apply an attractive icing, what continues to bring me back time after time is the opportunity to be doughfully informed in a fashion unavailable anywhere else. In short, you guys give good link. Keep it up, and remember that this place is more prized and more famous for it's delectable croissants than "4 and 20 Blackbird Pies".
jurist, May 19 2002

       I agree with Bristolz and jurist about the appeal of the halfbakery from a reader's perspective. But what is it that motivates someone to contribute ideas or valuable annotations? Do we really contribute just to impress or compete with other bakers? At some level, and for some people, perhaps. But I think the *fundamental* reason most of us contribute to the halfbakery is nicely summed up in a paraphrase of a memorable line from the movie "Shadowlands":   

       We halfbake to know we are not alone.
beauxeault, May 19 2002


       I was wondering what kind of "idea" might elicit from half-bakers a conversation about ourselves and why we like it here.   

       I think it's not about ideas, and it's not about people. It's about idea-people.
globaltourniquet, May 19 2002

       Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.
Fundamentally, we as Individuals and as a Collective balance the sum of the parts, teeter though we may. We shape the halfbakery, the halfbakery shapes us. This is, as jutta once stated directly to me - an accidental community. To that I'll add... a happy accident at that. In my final year of Primary School, I and my schoolmates were instructed to draw a creature heretofore unseen, and to understand what it was we were drawing. The entire class took to the chalkboard en masse to fulfill the request. Those who drew anything resembling an eye, nose, mouth, ears, arms, legs, skin or hair were sent back to the drawing board. Probably the best lesson I and we learned in all those years was to come up with what we try to come up with here -
An Original Thought.
thumbwax, May 19 2002

       1/2 baker of the year is an alien?
po, May 19 2002

       I vote Peter Sealy.
pottedstu, May 20 2002

       Based on his recent contribution.
pottedstu, May 20 2002

       Hitler was once Time magazine's Man of the Year.   

       To paraphrase Letterman - it's only an exhibition, not a competition... please, no wagering.
waugsqueke, May 20 2002

       I vote Hitler, then.
pottedstu, May 20 2002

       Shirley it should be half-baker of the half-year in any case?
TheLightsAreOnBut, May 24 2007


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