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Hilarity metric

Since most commenters are tongue in cheek
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I really like the witty banter that gets exchanged as people play with the ideas that are posed. Can we collect and give smiley faces to those who make us laugh? Perhaps that metric could be reduced for those who post voluminously, but have a low percentage of funny things to say.
telepathetic, Feb 02 2004


       An email every once in a while would be nice ...
Letsbuildafort, Feb 02 2004

       My inner clown died today. He is in a grave out back with a little rubber nose and floppy shoes on a wooden cross reading Robin.
travbm, Nov 03 2015

       At least you got him out and buried once he was dead. When they stay in, that's when trouble really starts.
bungston, Nov 03 2015

       I did wonder what that smell was.
Ian Tindale, Nov 03 2015


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