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Newbie of the Year

Praise for new recruits
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Some newbies are a pain. Some post crud without reading the rules. Some just dick around and try to start flame wars. However, (he said puffing out his chest and sticking his thumbs into his waistcoat pockets) some post genius from the word go; or at the very least contribute in a thoughtful, humorous and appropriate manner. These should be nominated throughout the year and the best (determined by election or a panel of venerable judges) is awarded the title of newbie of the Year on Halfbakery day.
etherman, Aug 11 2005

Why the HB is bigger than the sum of its parts. Happy_20Hen_20Crap_20Packer
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Aug 17 2005]

QB Passer Rating http://www.supernfl.com/QBRating.html
The most idiotic set of calculations in the history of mankind. And it's tied into contract negotiations. Go figure. [shapu, Aug 17 2005]


       What day is Halfbakery day?
zen_tom, Aug 11 2005

       The day after Halfbaker's Eve, when all 'bakers don silly costumes and run around asking the neighbours for croissants.
hidden truths, Aug 11 2005

       ...and Satan comes down the chimney.
coprocephalous, Aug 11 2005

       Am I still considered a newbie? I just took a year long break due to lack of internet. :( But I bet there are newbies out there that do better then I did at the beginning anyways. But I love the idea.
babyhawk, Aug 11 2005

       A newbie is anybody who signed up after you did.
normzone, Aug 11 2005

       im a newbie- first post Friday 5th August 2005 AD.   

       Its now the 11th of August, thats 7 days of addictive halfbakery surfing
chocolateraindrops, Aug 11 2005

       And a pretty cute idea under your belt [chocolate], so go you. :)
babyhawk, Aug 11 2005

       thank you babyhawk- just had a peek at your ideas, i really like the kids room. would love to be there myself,
chocolateraindrops, Aug 11 2005

       thanks [chocolate] my first idea was fishboned pretty bad, but I still walked away with some friends and a better idea of how crazy (I mean great) these people are. So settle in, because once your here, it's hard to leave. I know, I have done it, and I am really glad I am back. :)
babyhawk, Aug 12 2005

       Not Satan down the chimney, but Steve Jobs!
elhigh, Aug 17 2005

       Nope, I have to bone this one - the HB is about ideas, not personalities. So I'm told [linky]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Aug 17 2005

skinflaps, Aug 17 2005

       //Not Satan down the chimney, but Steve Jobs/ God comes down the chimney? Wow! Let me guess - the name of his lead reindeer is Torvalds?
coprocephalous, Aug 17 2005

       Common misconception: It's not a reindeer, it's a GNU.
Jinbish, Aug 17 2005

       Oh, gno, gno, gno.
coprocephalous, Aug 17 2005

       Perhaps the newbie of the year category could be determined by an objective measure - some sort of rubric involving total positive/negative votes, and ratios. Think QB rating (link).
shapu, Aug 17 2005

       As long as it's gnot a Bison gnor a Kangaroo...
csea, Aug 17 2005

       Nor be it in the least like that dreadful Hartebeest...
wagster, Aug 17 2005

       //the HB is about ideas, not personalities. So I'm told //   

       Yeah, thats why we would be awarding people, for their ideas.
etherman, Aug 17 2005

       I think I have been nominated for the black ball prize already.
travbm, Nov 03 2015

       We have a special Welsh Twat of the Year award for you, boyo.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 03 2015


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