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Half-bakery Therapy

Mentally unstable cure themselves
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As a form of therapy have the patient think up ideas to cure him or her self no matter how improbable the idea.

This would purely be an excersize and all ideas would have to be nondestructive of course.

sin, Aug 16 2001


       [sp: exercise]   

       It might help with certain kinds of neurosis that like to play games of "yes, but" by forcing people to think positively about themselves. Not funny in general - mental illness sucks.
jutta, Aug 16 2001

       When Vincent van Gogh was in an asylum in St. Remy, he proposed that he could cure his disease once and for all by moving out of the south of France. It turned out he was wrong, and his subsequent suicide may have resulted partly from his despair after discovering the ineffectiveness of his "cure."
beauxeault, Aug 17 2001


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