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HalfBaker Side Topics

For When A Group Of Bakers Loses Sight Of The Primary Thread Of An Idea
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when a number of bakers starts a side conversation that has little to nothing to do with the original topic, they should be able to take their annos and place them in a separate page linked to the main idea. reducing anno clutter and still allowing the readers to see the side conversations that are sometimes just as interesting as the main idea.

while this would be a choice for the bakers annoing, it would also be possible for the poster of the original idea to exhile annos to this zone. it would appear as another link where the edit and delete buttons are.

tcarson, Jun 29 2006

Overbaked http://groups.yahoo.com/group/overbaked/
I know it's not quite what you're on about - but i thought it useful to mention... [Jinbish, Jun 29 2006]

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       that's exactly what i meant [phlish].
tcarson, Jun 29 2006

       I think it is a good idea. However, it goes against what the site is about.
The halfbakery is all about the ideas, not the people or the conversations (incidentally, the conversations via annotations are some of my favourite things on the site). Jutta would be very cross if we were to turn this forum into a chat room. But have a [+] from me.
methinksnot, Jun 29 2006

       well [methinksnot] this would just move the conversations out of the invention they are posted on. that way they don't detract from the idea as a whole.
tcarson, Jun 29 2006

       I don't agree. Although it might be a good idea, I like all the side conversations. The *threads* weave in and out and make the tapestry much more colorful.
xandram, Jun 29 2006

       [phlish] - That's one of the funniest things I've ever read. Unfortunately I'm in a conference right now and not allowed to start giggling. Mmmmph... gotta keep it innnnn...
wagster, Jun 29 2006

       ...I once worked at EDS as a contractor. My email address was "<me> (con)@eds.com". EDS has a strict policy that no emails shall contain rude words. Of course in French, con is the "C" word...
Maybe they were trying to tell me something.
DenholmRicshaw, Jun 29 2006

       Maybe something where the originator could grey out off-topic annos...   

       Personally, though, and for all that they're not what the HB is really about, I like the offshoots. So I'm abstaining. Like [xandram] said.
moomintroll, Jun 30 2006

       Yes! But a ten-speed bike would be better, providing the terrain is mildly flat and you're not in a hurry to get there.
neelandan, Jun 30 2006

       ('Using' Halfbaker Side Topics idea for an anno side topic)   

       (Yells down hall) Everyone gone? (12:18 AM EST) (gone from Halfbakery?)  (Turns out light.) (Goes home.)
Mustardface, Apr 20 2010

       So right, [phlish]! Wish everyone was as insightful as you! (Oy...you others...Shhh! Keep quiet! [Mustardface] will hear you! ]
jurist, Apr 20 2010

       I'd like fries, thanks.
po, Apr 20 2010

       Curly fries or normal [po]?
kaz, Apr 20 2010

       normal with salt & vinegar, ta.
po, Apr 20 2010

       But then, I did not want to be dipsy.
neelandan, Apr 21 2010

       dipsy or ditsy?
blissmiss, Apr 21 2010


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