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Halfbakery Survival Fund

You love it ..so show me the money!!!
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Jutta sets up halfbakery bank account.
Anyone on hb who wants to give, gives.
Jutta gets cash for kit and incentive to continue her tireless work for the internet homeless.

Alternatively, just put up a subscription fee. The number of users goes down, for sure, but:
1. The regulars would all subscribe (I would at any rate)
2. The site would go back to being manageable for jutta.
3. Much reduced number of m-f-d's, WIBNIs, rants and plain stupidity on the site.
goff, Jan 23 2002

Manageable ? [read annotations] http://www.halfbake...Retort_20Depository
[lubbit, Jan 23 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Amazon.com Honor System http://s1.amazon.co...002-6367435-3104814
This is how to do it. [waugsqueke, Jan 23 2002]

Paypal javascript:eval(tmp...=50'));tmp.focus();
Or like this (woah! - check the JS). [lubbit, Jan 24 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       // 2. The site would go back to being manageable for jutta //   

       I hadn't any idea it wasn't.   

       [later] Oh, I found what you're talking about (link).
lubbit, Jan 23 2002

       Does no one else see the irony in posting ideas on how to make the HalfBakery more manageable?
hippo, Jan 23 2002

       sorry - should have put the link to jutta's post in retort Depository.
Would just hate to see the Hb fade away if only for lack of support from the ragbag of ne'erdowells who frequent its oft inspiring pages
(ooer, i've come over all lyrical)
goff, Jan 23 2002

       See link about the Amazon.com Honor System for making payments to web sites. I've seen this at work on other sites and it can be very successful.   

       I'd certainly contribute. Something tells me that jutta will be a tough sell on this concept though.
waugsqueke, Jan 23 2002

       Addressing point no.3, goff. I suspect that us regulars are as much of a pain to deal with as the one off trolls. If not more so. At least the trolls just go away after a couple of days.
DrBob, Jan 23 2002

       Yeah, thanks for the offer, but I don't think money is what's wrong. It's not that I don't feel appreciated.
jutta, Jan 24 2002

       Would you like someone to assist with maintenance? I don't know anything about Apache (if that's what we run on), but I'd give it hell. And if it's hardware (vs. cash), I bet we could scrape something together...
phoenix, Jan 24 2002

       secretarial services offered, J. answer the phone or make the tea?
po, Jan 24 2002

       [lubbit]: The trouble with PayPal is that, although it's nominally not limited to USA, you need to enter a postcode and phone number, and it only accepts them in US format (or was I doing something wrong when I tried to use it?).
angel, Jan 24 2002

       [angel] Ahh, you've caught me out - I haven't actually ever used it, but it's such a good idea I had to link it. I'll send them an email re: non-US.   

       [later] Actually it works fine for me (UK) paying to a person in the US. Don't believe the bit about it being "free" tho' - it's 30 cents a pop + 2.6 %.
lubbit, Jan 24 2002

       If someone else is willing to configure it - I'm not capable - we could each grab an old x86 PC (i've got a couple around), throw 'em together, and make a beowulf cluster [just for the sheer joy of de-obsoleting hardware]. Any one of us who has a DSL (I don't) should be able to host the site - and jutta can still own it, and control it as much as ever. The cluster can support very cheap RAID configurations.
quarterbaker, Jan 24 2002

       I'm mixed on this. In response to what you're saying, Rods, the attraction for me here is twofold. It is both the ideas and the intelligent discussion that can result from them, as well as the light-hearted banter that sometimes occurs. Personally speaking, if we were to sterilize the place down and allow only the former, it would be to the detriment of the site in general.   

       It's the fascination of the inventive process, both experienced and witnessed, as well as the interaction within the community that draws me back (and back again). I don' t care what anyone says, this IS a community. I know many of the little idiosyncrasies of the lot of you, as you may know of me. I consider many of you to be friends, and a couple of you I count among my best friends. I'd have to think twice before I put on the white lab coat and limit my discussion.   

       I am aware of the greater scope of the problem at hand, but I think a shift in tone here, even one directed back toward the original purpose of the site, would damage the magic of this place. I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels this way.
waugsqueke, Jan 24 2002

       I don't want to see any scaling back. Old ideas - hey, we refer to them often enough. And without them, newbies will post duplicates. I agree with waugs on this, basically.

How about this: Every idea older than 6 months comes up in a special category. Once there, it gets a unique voting: HALL OF FAME, HALL OF SHAME, or DELETION. Obviously, the two halls are unique categories. But they serve functions such as informing newbies about the standards around here, by providing examples. The dross gets eliminated. Oh, we can leave links in the original category lists so that they show up there as well as in the shame/fame halls.
quarterbaker, Jan 24 2002

       Reading between the lines (a.k.a. being presumptive), I'm guessing that the fire has gone out for jutta. The excitement and intellectual satisfaction of dreaming up and implementing this place is over and the ongoing maintenance is a needling frustration that gets in the way of new quests and interests.

Since I am already out on this presumptuous limb, I'm going to further guess that what makes this ever more tough for jutta is that she *may* feel that she HAS to keep it going because there is now a community of appreciative people who rely, in differing amounts, on this spot for intellectual nourishment. I sure know I could come to resent that burden.

No matter what the reason, if this all went away tomorrow, certainly I would feel disappointment but, mostly, I would be happy for jutta and wish her the best for whatever new endeavors are ahead.

Finally, I cannot imagine the halfbakery in anyone else's hands. jutta crafted and nurtured the pieces that have given rise to the wonderful gestalt of the halfbakery. It seems right to me that it not suffer the indignity of artificial life-support (but I could be talked out of that thinking).
bristolz, Jan 24 2002

       I'll second what bristolz said, if her assumptions are accurate. I sure don't want my need for intellectual stimulation to stifle someone else's ability to move forward.
beauxeault, Jan 24 2002

       Yeah, I guess I need to delegate the day-to-day stuff so I can at least fix bugs. I'd say there's probably no overlap between the people I want and the people stupid enough to offer themselves up for this, but you never know.   

Must be quiet, calm, reliable, intelligent, dispassionate, independently wealthy. If you want to spend many hours each week creating new categories, shuffling ideas around among them, throwing out idiots, fixing people's spelling in idea titles, deleting duplicate annotations and bad links, send me e-mail.
jutta, Jan 25 2002

       I don't know how well it'd work...While I can make computers sing and dance, I'm not a programmer, and the impression I've had over the years is that Jutta programmed this all by herself...   

       I'm willing to help in whatever way may be useful, though.   

       How big is a new HD? I've got one or two laying around that aren't huge for a computer, but for a website ought to be useful...IDE only though, I'm afraid...
StarChaser, Jan 25 2002

       Dispassionate... that eliminates me, I'm afraid. Hm. I guess I was eliminated long before I got to 'dispassionate'...   

       (I'm not actually afraid.)
waugsqueke, Jan 25 2002

       That's OK; it doesn't actually say that you need to be afraid.
angel, Jan 25 2002

       wow i never realised how much work went into this - i thought it just ran - i now feel slightly guilty that i cant really help because i know ***k all about computers and have no job to get money for 1/2bakery with   

       im off to delete my crap (all?) ideas
chud, Jan 27 2002

       But you are a nice person though, now be a dear and get a paper round and make some cash. If I'm up for teamaking you can do the washing up!
po, Jan 27 2002

       (sniff) I'm very glad that I ran across this conversation and the one linked by lubbit. I feel like some important puzzle pieces have fallen into place. If money *was* the problem, I would happily hand-carve fishbone stamps out of rubber for anyone who wanted one and sell them for $5 plus shipping and handling, with all proceeds going to jutta and the HB. Fishbone documents at work! Fishbone your children's drawings on the fridge! Fishbone your university degree! Fishbone parking tickets! Fishbone the cover of FHM on the rack at the supermarket! Fishbone your lease!
earl, Jul 19 2002

       //Fishbone the cover of FHM on the rack at the supermarket//

Now that's a good idea!
DrBob, Jul 19 2002

       It's the cruel person that would fishbone their kid's drawings. It's the honest person who'd do it to their degree. It's the impressive man that would do it to FHM.
thecat, May 07 2003


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