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Halfbakery the Exhibition

art show
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The quality of visual illustrations of ideas on this site warrants a showing.

Propose a format of say up to A3 size on paper or medium as individuals see fit, to keep shipping costs down. Within a time frame of say 3 months, quality images of chosen ideas are sent to the curator where they are framed or mounted appropriately.

A gallery - preferrably an artist-run space or a venue that is free/or low cost, sponsors the show along with perhaps other contacts that could supply alcohol/printing costs/frames etc within the HB network.

So each image would be framed with a mounted print-out of the idea in text-form alongside it so the viewer can read the idea and look at the picture. In the back corner a laptop or two is set up linked live to the HB site so people can get a feel for what its all about.

Readings of certain ideas by guest halfbakers dependant on location would happen over the course of the evening, drinks, food - and music perhaps bringing the witticisms and eccentricities that abound here to the public at large (albeit a niche audience).

This would market well to the specific gallery crowd as well as a literary audience and a visual art/website cross-over is interesting enough to publicize effectively.

Images could be for sale, or as prints and promote a touring exhibition that was posted from USA to Australia to England etc - because the images are small enough to be packaged into a post parcel and reframed at the destination.

I feel someone must have baked this, but I can't find such a thing in my search oven.

benfrost, Dec 18 2004

much the same, incorporated into DrCurry's Calendar Halfbakery_20Artist...n_20Calender_202003
[po, Dec 18 2004]


       I once attempted (okay, I begged) to acquire a signed print of a halfbakery illustration from the artist for framing along with the idea, much as you suggest. "I'll send it."...I'm expecting it to show up at my door any day now...delivered by the Easter Bunny driving Santa's sleigh, pulled by seven dwarves with Tinkerbell leading the team.
half, Dec 18 2004

       me too! same artist!
po, Dec 18 2004

       I think this idea's got legs.. does anyone know of any spare gallery space?
neilp, Dec 19 2004

       po, half, she's a flake.
bristolz, Dec 19 2004

       Heck, I've known that for . . . holy cow . . . years.   

       Luv her just like she is, don't we, po?
half, Dec 19 2004

       ...except for those using Macs
hippo, Dec 19 2004

       [half] yep!
po, Dec 19 2004

       So, what's the concept here? Take the ideas and illustrations from the halfbakery and display them on the same page? Essentially, a filter on the halfbakery for ideas that have been illustrated?   

       Everyone knows that I admire the artistic talents of those who share their work here, but I'm left curious about the target audience for this showing.
half, Dec 19 2004

       This would make a heck of a slide show screen saver.   

       A web-gallery could be a good proof of concept/addition to a physical showing - but on its own is kind of an echo of HB, though worth exploring. Perhaps one way of implementing this is to, as I suggested, look at our combined network ie: I have a lot of contact with art galleries in my line of work - but maybe a gallery space isn't the answer either - and this too is dependent on which continent is exactly the most appropriate location.   

       So what if it was site specific? Take the exhibition to the target audience, rather than getting them to it. I always seem to be passing displays in office foyers, restaurants, conventions, festivals - ahh now festivals are a good option because they have set programs waiting for new ideas to implement, especially if it has a collaborative international flavour. Literary or art festivals would go for this in a flash and would contribute to international posting, venue hire, advertising and sponsorship.   

       [half] - the target audience of HB is a very curious thing indeed, but not niche enough to be embraced by all walks of life. The exhibition wouldn't need to be all illustrations - stand alone text pieces could be incorporated as well, but it would all need to be filtered (curated) to have a good cohesive show.   

       It would be on a submission basis - and there could easily be a forum/posting here for all to have a say on what the content could be and how it is implemented.   

       I could get the ball rolling for this to happen here in Brisbane or in Melbourne Australia for an appropriate festival/venue in 2005 quite easily - to which I think a touring/evolving show would work well to cover different localities - and would make a great informal HB party.
benfrost, Dec 19 2004

       This is a fantastic idea. I agree that a web showing would be too much like the bakery itself. The problem with a physical space is that a lot of the bakers/ afficionados come from various corners of the globe. Make it a travelling show.
energy guy, Dec 25 2004


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